Biden Resurrects Trump Border Policy Prior to Title 42 Sunset — but Will It Be Enforced?

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In a major reversal, the Biden administration has resurrected a Trump-era immigration rule before Title 42 is scheduled to sunset — at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday  — in a desperate attempt to stop the massive surge(s) of illegal aliens who are either already on the Southern Border or making their way to it.


The rule disqualifies illegals from applying for asylum in the U.S. if they failed to first apply for asylum in their countries of origin or other countries they’ve traveled through, such as Mexico, on the way to the U.S. border. The question is, will the resurrected rule actually be enforced, or is the whole thing simply smoke and mirrors? Yeah, I’m putting my money on “b.”

Hundreds of federal asylum officers were reportedly trained on how to enforce the restriction on Tuesday, and the regulation was published on Wednesday. Call me skeptical, but I see a huge red flag:

With the 2024 election cycle approaching, the administration is well aware — or should be — that nearly 90 percent of likely voters blame the federal government (Biden and his equally inept administration) for the ongoing crisis. Hence the administration’s likely goal is a last-minute attempt to remove the crisis as a 2024 campaign issue.

If sanity prevails among non-Democrat voters, the blatant effort won’t work. Joe Biden pledged throughout his 2020 presidential campaign to, in effect, throw open the border to all comers. Moreover, the administration has continued its preposterous lies about the pretend “secure” border to the point of silliness, resulting in an overwhelming majority of Americans refusing to buy the Biden schtick.

Just for giggles, here’s CBS News’ take:


The Biden administration has finalized a sweeping restriction on asylum that it plans to use to ramp up swift deportations of migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border after the Title 42 pandemic-era emergency policy sunsets on Thursday.

The regulation, which is expected to be challenged in federal court, will be a dramatic shift in asylum policy, disqualifying migrants from U.S. protection if they fail to request refugee status in another country, such as Mexico, on their journey …

The rule represents a major pivot by President Biden, a Democrat who campaigned on restoring access to the U.S. asylum system after numerous Trump administration rules made it more difficult for migrants to secure refuge on American soil. In fact, the regulation published Wednesday resembles a Trump-era policy struck down in federal court that Mr. Biden decried in 2020.

If upheld, the Biden administration’s rule will cement a growing bipartisan rejection of the asylum laws that Congress enacted in 1980 to conform with international treaties designed to prevent nations from turning away refugees to places where they could be persecuted, as the U.S. did to some Jews fleeing Nazi Germany.

How far did you get before you started to laugh? Did you make it all the way to the ridiculous comparison between illegal aliens and Jews fleeing Nazi Germany? Dishonest Democrat hyperbole at its “best.”

As my colleague, Bob Hoge, reported on Sunday, 10,000 or more illegals are expected to cross into the U.S. within 24 hours of the Title 42 sunset. To that end, as I reported on May 2, Biden ordered 1,500 active-duty troops to the border in anticipation of the massive surge. The troops, from various active-duty units, will reportedly serve “in mostly administrative roles and transport roles to free up law enforcement and Border Patrol,” according to two senior U.S. officials familiar with the deliberations.


Are you laughing again — or crying?

The Bottom Line

Serial liars Joe Biden and DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas have lied from the beginning about the Biden Border Crisis™ — after intentionally creating it. As I’ve said for more than a year, Biden all but placed welcoming mariachi bands along the border and hung piñatas for the kiddies.

As the lies continued and the crisis continued unabated, and now with Title 42 about to expire, Biden resurrects a Trump rule. That, my friends, is sheer desperation from a MAGA-loathing man — who likely has no intention of enforcing the rule in the first place.


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