Irrelevant Robert Reich Waxes Idiotic About Republican Party 'Lurching Toward Fascism'

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Chances are if you’re younger than 40, you might not even know who Robert Reich is — much less give a damn. The know-it-all elitist is a professor, author, lawyer, and far-left political commentator. He worked in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, and served as Secretary of Labor from 1993 to 1997 in the cabinet of Bill Clinton. “Has-been” doesn’t even begin to describe this guy.


Moreover, Reich is all over Twitter like a bad rash, hypocritically bloviating with the “best” of them. He’s a major attention whore.

Anyway, in Reich’s latest ridiculous screed, he hyperbolically argues that today’s Republican Party is “lurching toward fascism” [yawn]. Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

America no longer has two parties devoted to a democratic system of self-government.

We have a Democratic party, which – notwithstanding a few glaring counter-examples, such as what the Democratic National Committee did to Bernie Sanders in 2016 – is still largely committed to democracy.

And we have a Republican party, which is careening at high velocity toward authoritarianism. OK, fascism.

While absurd on its face, what led Reich to his latest delusional diatribe, you ask?

In a word, Reich points to “win-at-any-cost Trump Republican politics — scorched-earth tactics used by Republicans to entrench their power, with no justification other than that they can.”

If Reich’s description reminds you of the metastasis of the “woke” radical left throughout American society — from the attempted immoral indoctrination of young children in public school systems to the desired destruction of the objective of the U.S. Armed Forces, still (for now, anyway), the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen, you’re not the Lone Ranger.


Reich then climbs even higher on his hypocritical high horse, with a cute little description of “democracy” in America:

Democracy is about means. Under it, citizens don’t have to agree on ends (abortion, healthcare, guns or whatever else we disagree about) as long as we agree on democratic means for handling our disagreements.

Yeah, that’s a complete crock of crap; I read this clown’s intentionally divisive tweets on a somewhat regular basis (I “might” the knock the snot out of some of them), and he regurgitates the same left-wing bile, ad nauseam.

So anyway, professor, how does today’s Republican Party differ from your “democracy” fairytale?

But for Trump Republicans, the ends justify whatever means they choose – including expelling lawmakers, rigging elections through gerrymandering, refusing to raise the debt ceiling, and denying the outcome of a legitimate presidential election.

Reich returns to his “two parties committed to democratic means to resolve differences” narrative several times in his op-ed, along with his absurd argument that the GOP “will sacrifice democratic means to its own ends,” and he even “almost” absolves Trump from being singularly responsible for this “dangerous trend.” But, according to the diminutive “genius”?


[Trump] has legitimized and encouraged the ends-justify-the-means viciousness now pushing the GOP toward becoming the American fascist party.

Let’s take a short trip back in the RedState archives for a look at the “bipartisanship” of Robert Reich:

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Any questions?

The Bottom Line

Self-unaware, attention-craving Robert Reich is a hypocrite — of the irrelevant kind.

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