WATCH: Cori Bush Wants Us to Know She Won't 'Succumb to the Nihilist, Insurrectionist View of the 2nd Amendment,' America

Oh, please. I’ll bet you a dollar that Missouri Democrat Rep. Cori Bush could no more define “nihilist,” let alone spell it, than she could teach a pigeon to spell “gun grabber.” Nonetheless, the “noted Constitutional scholar” [ahem] wants us to know where we can stick the Second Amendment, and it’s not in her inbox.


Although, it was delightful how Bush’s handlers included “insurrectionist” in her prattling little diatribe.

Seldom looking up from the notes shoved in front of her, Bush blathered:

We’re coming for the end of weak gun laws that allow people to buy an assault rifle, and kill and traumatize school children — traumatize teachers, and traumatize grocery patrons — that’s what we’re comin’ for. And it doesn’t require taking away people’s right to bear arms.

OK, let’s stop the tape, for a minute, and take stock of what this willfully-uninformed loon just said.

First, there’s no such thing as an “assault rifle,” so since they don’t exist, you can’t ban them, Congresswoman. Second, of course your threat requires taking away the rights of people to bear arms — the arms that Democrats don’t want law-abiding Americans to own, or even more ominous, the arms that Democrats don’t think Americans need — which is none of their damn business.

Okay, back to the babble — and my favorite part.

We will not succumb to the nihilist, insurrectionist view of the Second Amendment. We will not allow the apologists for gun violence to win. We will double down on a public health response to the public health emergency that is gun violence in our country. And together, we will end this crisis once and for all.


Again, please.

Memo to Cori Bush:

1: Who’s “we”?

2: I’m unaware of an Ultra MAGA Republican (AKA: “insurrectionist”) toting an AR-15 (pretend assault rifle) into the U.S. Capitol Building on July 6, 2021.

3: Guns aren’t “violent,” hence “gun violence” doesn’t exist.

4: The “public health emergency” of which you speak, in your hometown of St. Louis, isn’t carried out with AR-15s, nor is it carried out with AR-15s on Chicago’s bloody Southside, or any other Democrat-run city in America. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Congresswoman, look it up.


Anyway, Bush’s little melodramatic “Custer’s Last Stand” bit has zero chance of happening, anytime soon.

Bush’s “we” silliness would be DOA in the Republican-majority House, and Joe Biden — like his mentor, Barack Obama, has never had an executive order shoved in front of him that he hasn’t dutifully signed — doesn’t have the constitutional authority to ban firearms of any kind, nor has he been granted specific authority by Congress to do so with so-called “assault rifles” or “weapons of war.”


So, Ms. Bush, your declaration was as hollow as your— oh, never mind.

Bush’s incompetence doesn’t end with her complete lack of knowledge of firearms. Check it out:

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The Bottom Line

Like her fellow far-left Squad members, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), Cori Bush is nothing more than a poser — a veritable puppet — whose strings are pulled by the monied leftists who support her.

In other words, Cori Bush is an irrelevant fool, who sits in Congress only because similar fools voted her into office. That said, my condolences to the remaining sane people of St. Louis.

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