MSNBC's Reid Further Humiliates Herself in Silly Racist Attack Against Ron DeSantis

MBC host Joy Reid launches another racist attack against Ron DeSantis. (Credit: MSNBC/MRCTV)

What can be said about MSNBC’s race-hustler extraordinaire host Joy Reid that hasn’t already been said? We’ll come up with something, after her latest clown-car attack against Ron DeSantis. I mean, who’d a thunk anyone could ever knock Donald Trump out of the 24×7, rent-free space in Reid’s racist head?


Let’s jump right in, shall we?

During Tuesday’s episode of “The ReidOut” on which Reid usually gets around to at least one racist attack per show — Reid threw yet another hissy fit at the popular Florida governor over his racist-as-hell state, as reported by NewsBusters.

After ticking through a list of DeSantis’s most egregious “racist” actions (with a few more to come), Reid laughably smeared the governor with this beauty: “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right in DeSantistan.” Cute. Clever, too. Let’s walk through a few examples.

She began by declaring that DeSantis is “vowing to continue to use his power for political retribution,” and whined about how the Republican-controlled Florida legislature is “set to pass a full slate of repressive laws on the governor’s wishlist.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opened a new session of the Florida legislature today, vowing to continue to use his power for political retribution. Republicans have a supermajority in the state legislature and are set to pass a full slate of repressive laws on the Governor’s wishlist. If you’re a teacher, you can’t talk about gender identity with students from the third grade to the eighth grade. You are not allowed to use any pronoun except the one you were assigned at birth.


Let’s see… so, you mean, no more talking to kids as young as kindergarten age about so-called gender fluidity and choosing their own pronouns? Oh, the humanity! Not sure I can make the “racist” connection, though, Joyless — let’s continue.

Do you want to major or minor in gender studies in college? Well, not if Republicans get their way. They’re considering legislation that would put a stop to that, and any discussion of intersectionality at the college level. And it would end any diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

Bummer. I hear they’re building gender manufacturing facilities all over the country.

Here’s where Joyless deposited her silly “DeSantistan” blast:

I guess if it ain’t white, it ain’t right in DeSantistan. School board positions would go from nonpartisan to partisan. Clearly to benefit Republicans. Then there’s the legislation that goes directly after journalists. Anonymous sources would be deemed inherently fake. Unsurprisingly the law would also make it easier to sue journalists if politicians don’t like what they report.

I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but so far, I haven’t seen anything “racist,” as Joyless claimed.


This was a good one, which you’ll see:

There’s a separate bill that would force anyone who writes about public figures and gets paid for it to register with the government. Basically forcing people to get government permission to form an opinion.

Yeah, wrong, Joyless. DeSantis on Tuesday said he’s never supported a bill that would require people blogging about him to register with the state. Sorry, Joyless.

Finally, here’s one of my faves:

And they’re also covering all the right-wing primary culture war bases by allowing people to carry guns in Florida, permit-free, which should be great news for school shooters while ignoring actual crises like the exploding crisis of housing affordability and insurers leaving the state. Just in case you were wondering if this man actually cares about Florida at all.

What left-wing rant would be complete without a bit of gun-grabber tripe thrown in for good measure?

Listen, Joyless, criminals don’t follow laws. Particularly, laws that get in the way of the crimes they intend to commit. Not to mention, lunatics are gonna lunatic — including monsters who shoot up schools. And if they can’t access firearms? There are countless other unspeakable methods that monsters could employ. It’s not the weapons that matter; it’s the pain and suffering they intend to inflict on society.


Look, let’s just cut to the chase, here. If Ron DeSantis were even close to the racist dictator of “DeSantistan” that Joy Reid claims on a regular basis, why was he reelected by the largest margin in Florida gubernatorial race history?

And if Florida is the racist hellhole Reid claims, why don’t a majority of Floridians believe that? I mean, Republican state lawmakers do enjoy a supermajority in the state legislature and all. Get back to us on that, won’t you, Joyless?

Oh, and Joyless? Can you also let us know how “racism” has anything to do with any of the aforementioned? Thanks.


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