Oh Noes! MSNBC Loon Joy Reid Says DeSantis Is Even Worse Than Trump

MSNBC's Joy Reid calls DeSantis a 'more functionally authoritarian version of Trump.' (Credit: MRCTV/MSNBC)
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Are you ready to be shocked and amazed?

MSNBC’s resident race-hustler Joy Reid took a break from labeling everything on the planet related to white people “racist” on Monday and astonishingly found a more hateful human being on the planet than the Devil’s spawn, Donald Trump. Yep, Ron DeSantis now gets the delusional host’s coveted vote.


This was no small feat for DeSantis, mind you, given the depth of Reid’s loathing for Trump and his supporters. For example:

Joy Reid — ‘All Trump Supporters are Murderous Terrorists Like Muslims or Something’

So what has DeSantis done to wrest the title away from Trump, you ask? Let’s go straight to the horse’s as mouth for the answer, as reported by NewsBusters.

As the host of The ReidOut continued her meltdown over DeSantis — proving yet again how terrified the left is of DeSantis becoming the Republican nominee — she declared the Florida governor a “more functionally authoritarian version of Trump” who would seek a return to a “pre-civil rights America.”

Think that one through for a minute before you continue with more of Ms. Reid’s bilge.

If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis becomes president of the United States, which he is clearly aiming for, America will become the land of total government control over women’s bodies, black history, gender identity, how you can teach, learn, read, think, even talk!

It would essentially be a more functionally authoritarian version of Trump, a more action, less personality type of President who’s basically offering two options. Pre-civil rights America, or total control of society.

There it is, America. If DeSantis wins the White House, women will lose total control of their bodies, Americans (including young kids) will no longer be able to choose their own gender, won’t be indoctrinated with Marxist-derived Critical Race Theory, and none of us will be allowed to read, think, or even talk! (Maybe Reid watched an episode of The Twilight Zone before her ridiculous show.)


Where do you start? You don’t; you just move on to more of Reid’s nonsense.

But of course, his robust PR team has you thinking quite the opposite. Which is why his new book titled, and I’m not making this up, The Courage to Be Free, has a firsthand account from the blue-collar boy with a dream to take down Disney and librarians.

It got scorched by The New York Times, obviously. Its reviewer saying, quote, all the culture war mad libs can’t distract from the dull coldness at this book’s core. And that it will leave some supporters who have encouraged DeSantis to humanize himself, sorely disappointed.

Reid continued to gleefully babble about how the New York Times reviewer panned the DeSantis book, as if The New York Times is an objective news outlet instead just another left-wing rag:

The world DeSantis is building, the reviewer said down in Florida is one that uses the power of government to make the Dilbert guys of the world feel comfortable, they feel good about themselves. Did you know that this isn’t even baby MAGA’s first book? He also penned Dreams from our Founding Fathers published in 2011.

And it pretty much sums up what we already know about the guy. David Waldstreicher wrote about the book in The Atlantic saying the most revealing and consequential element of the book is the insistence that the role of slavery and race more broadly, does not seriously change anything about how we should understand the birth and development of our country.


The best part about Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Keith Olberman, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, et al., is how clueless they remain about how they’re viewed by a strong majority of Americans. Hence the toilet-swirling ratings of MSNBC and CNN.

Say, I wonder if Donald Trump is beside himself over the news that Joy Reid finally has a new voodoo doll?



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