VIDEO: Kamala Harris Completely Bombs Interview With Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell interviews Vice President Kamala Harris, February 17, 2023. CREDIT: Screenshot

Vice President Kamala Harris sat down with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell for a long interview in Munich, where she’s attending the Munich Security Conference and will deliver a speech Saturday. Long interviews are not a good format for Harris, whose ability to answer questions has taken a nosedive since she became Vice President, and this interview highlighted just how dangerous it is to have Harris out representing the country.


For example, when asked about China, we understand why Xi Jinping felt he had the green light to float that balloon over the United States. He’d spoken to both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in person in the weeks immediately prior, and both had assured him that we want “competition” but not “conflict and confrontation,” as Biden repeated in his State of the Union address. They should have known that to Xi those types of comments signal weakness and an unwillingness to challenge China’s aggression, and if they didn’t, their advisors should have. (Of course, Joe Biden fully understands, and we all know why he sticks to that rhetoric.) China’s actions show just how ineffective their policy is, yet Kamala sticks to the script.

Perhaps the White House keeps her around because she’s not smart enough to challenge the disastrous policies?

Even when given a complete softball of a question (which also lacked a solid factual premise, as pointed out here) about Ron DeSantis allegedly banning Florida teachers from discussing slavery and its aftermath in classrooms Harris still struggled to find a line of attack, and when she thought she did, she instead backed up conservative arguments. Her answer (emphasis mine):


I don’t know what he knows and what he doesn’t know, but I know this. Any push to censor America’s teachers and tell them what they should be teaching in the best interests of our children, when — in partnership with the parents of America is, I think, wrongheaded. The people who know our children best are their parents and their teachers in terms of the time they spend and the investment they place in the brains and capacity of our children, who are our nation’s future. And it should not be some politician saying what should be taught in our classrooms.

Is she going to inform Gavin Newsom that he shouldn’t be saying what should be taught in California’s classrooms, and that the teachers should be partnering with the parents? She was handed a complete softball by Mitchell based on her race and a leading, propagandistic question, and she turned it around to completely tear down the teachers union and media elitist narrative. Hilarious.


To close the interview, Harris was asked about Nikki Haley suggesting a cognitive test for presidents and candidates for president. That should frighten Harris, given the lapses in cognitive function that we see publicly. The question was another total softball that any Democrat with any degree of messaging competency would have answered with, “That’s ridiculous; the voters are capable of deciding if a candidate is fit for office, and clearly Nikki Haley is being ageist,” but Harris choked again, saying:

“I did not watch the speech, but when you present the suggestion that anyone is saying that it is time for a new generation and they’re running against the person who is president, and when — presented as though it’s an attack, I would like to let us all be clear that the attack is misplaced, if the point of it is that we need leadership that is strong, because we have a strong leader in Joe Biden.”

If we had a strong leader, Harris wouldn’t need to point that out. But Andrea Mitchell’s face after Harris stops speaking says it all:


Still, if you head to Twitter and click on the “Andrea Mitchell” hashtag, you’ll see Kamala’s fans completely losing it on Mitchell, saying she was unfair to Harris while at the same time saying that Harris’s performance was incredible.

Well, they may be onto something with the word “incredible.”


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