Ilhan Omar Hops Aboard the Democrat Anti-McCarthy Crazy Train, Promptly Gets Run Over by Reality

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With the Republican Party’s embarrassing public display through four days of “The McCarthy War” dominating the news cycle, Minnesota leftist Ilhan Omar appears to be among the Democrats who’ve been starved for attention. So, as is the case with her sister comrade Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Omar did what she always does: make an utter fool out of her hypocritical self with baseless, hyperbolic tripe.


In a word, Omar accused finally House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of cutting a deal with “far-right insurrectionists.” Incidentally, you ever notice how neither the Democrats nor their liberal media sock puppets ever refer to “left-wing” or “far-left” anything? Yeah. Here’s Omar at her finest, on Twitter:

McCarthy just agreed to a deal with far right [sic] insurrectionists that would hold the entire US and global economy hostage to extreme cuts to everything from housing to education, healthcare, Social Security and Medicare. Hard to overstate how dangerous this is.

What’s “hard to overstate” is what a complete crock of crap this is — which we’ll get to in a bit.

Let’s start with the ridiculous notion that the fools who stormed the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, were “insurrectionists,” a hysterical code word Democrats and their media lapdogs will continue to drag out for the remainder of their lying days. defines insurrection as:


An organized and usually violent act of revolt or rebellion against an established government or governing authority of a nation-state or other political entity by a group of its citizens or subjects; also, any act of engaging in such a revolt.

An insurrection may facilitate or bring about a revolution, which is a radical change in the form of government or political system of a state, and it may be initiated or provoked by an act of sedition, which is an incitement to revolt or rebellion.

With all due respect to the silly Q-Anon “shaman,” Jacob Chansley and his ridiculous buffalo horns (or whatever), and the other ticked-off Trump loyalists who stormed the Capitol, the notion that the Jan. 6 rioters were a threat to the U.S. government is laughably absurd.

Second, congressional Republican grandstanders like Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, who finally switched their votes to “present,” along with four other hold-outs, thus allowing McCarthy to win the majority, are hardly the stuff of “insurrectionists,” either.

Third, the notion of a radical leftist Democrat accusing any Republican of plotting to “hold the entire U.S’ and global economy hostage to extreme cuts to everything from housing to education, healthcare, Social Security and Medicare,” is as absurd as it is ignorant.


One self-described ultra-MAGA Republican pointed out Omar’s ignorant hypocrisy:

Democrats just pushed through a $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill, and you’re worried about spending more money already. Sounds like that deal was needed!

Yeah, sounds like dishonest hypocrisy, to me.

Speaking of the Democrat $1.7 trillion omnibus monstrosity, every House Democrat voted in favor (along with nine Republicans), except for AOC, who voted “no” and Minnesota Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who voted “present.”

As to Omar’s ridiculous, fear-tactic assertion that the Republican-controlled House will “hold the entire US and global economy hostage to extreme cuts to everything from housing to education, healthcare, Social Security and Medicare,” it’s the same old baseless charge that Democrats have dragged out for decades.

Finally, one Twitter user reminded Omar of the sorry state of the Democrat deficit and exploding national debt, while her party, including hood ornament Joe Biden, continues to spend taxpayer money — present and future — like drunken sailors.

The deficit was $1.4 trillion last year. It’s projected to go up the rest of this decade. And the national debt is $31 trillion.

We’re broke. So you better start cutting everything before we’re completely insolvent.


As if fiscal restraint ever crosses the minds of Omar and her fellow wealth-redistribution-crazed leftists.

Let’s wrap this one up, shall we? Multiple examples of Ilhan Omar’s silliness abound, but I’m tired of writing about her and her like-minded comrades. For now, that is.


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