Final Stacey Abrams Campaign Autopsy: Raised $100 Million, Lost, Still in Debt, Stuck It to Staffers

Kevin Wolf/AP Images for The Roosevelt Institute

You almost have to hand it to Stacey Abrams. After losing Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race to Gov. Brian Kemp, the determined Democrat was still able to raise nearly 100 million dollars — eight million more than Kemp — which she blew through like a champ, by the way. And of course, she lost. Again. To Kemp.


According to leftist Axios (which pretends its an unbiased news outlet), after raising all that cash, losing the election — which she actually conceded, this time, as opposed to her first loss to Kemp in 2018 — the Abram campaign still owes more than one million dollars to vendors, as confirmed by Abrams’s two-time campaign manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo.

Even worse, the Abrams campaign stuck it to staffers. Imagine that. One former staffer said:

People have told me they have no idea how they’re going to pay their rent in January. It was more than unfortunate. It was messed up.

Hey, no big deal, staffers, relax! You do know that Stacey Abrams already has had her eye on national office for several years, right? So think of your efforts on her losing 2022 campaign as an in-kind contribution to her next losing effort. 

Anyway, Groh-Wargo blamed a “cavalcade of negative press and negative polling” for the loss. (Doesn’t everyone? Other than election deniers, I mean.)

We did not just lose, we got blown out. It was the most sub-optimal situation to be in. And we will be dealing with that situation for some time.

Perhaps the old axiom, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” was at play here, as well. I mean, I’ve described Stacey Abrams in various terms, but “sub-optimal” is a bit kind, isn’t it?

Here’s the take from Patricia Murry of the Atlanta Constitution:

Instead of self-reflection, Stacey Abrams’ campaign manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo fired off a bizarre, 52-tweet thread Wednesday night taking credit for Warnock’s win, and laying the blame for Abrams’ loss on… nearly everyone other than herself and Abrams.


Sounds like an awesome campaign manager, huh?

Lauren Groh-Wargo and Stacey Abrams. One helluva team.

Anyway, the two-time-losing campaign manager even said comparisons to Abrams’s 2018 loss are “uninformed,” given the differences in the campaigns, including “a competitive primary and a better climate” for Democrats in 2018.

In other words, Groh-Wargo suggested that Abrams should have won in 2018, but that there might have been a few shenanigans that denied her the (rightful) win.

The Bottom Line

The only question that remains is whether the Democrat Party and Hollywood elites have had enough of Stacey Abrams losing. Fortunately, for the GOP, I doubt it.

After all, Abrams still checks off all the critical Democrat boxes.



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