Lesbian Faces Prison Time in Norway for Posting Biological Facts About 'Transgender Mother'

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Where to begin? With the facts of the story, or with the sobering realization that untold numbers of us are no longer shocked by the notion that rational people can be sent to prison for stating biological facts? In the interest of journalistic structure, I’ll start at the beginning and tackle the “ho-hum” reaction a bit later.


As reported by Reduxx — Feminist News and Opinion, a lesbian in Norway is facing criminal charges and a possible prison sentence of up to three years for stating that men can’t be lesbians. No, really. Tonje Gjevjon, a lesbian artist, was notified by authorities in mid-November that she was under police investigation for hate speech over statements she made in a Facebook post.

Gjevjon tweeted on Tuesday:

My name is Tonje Gjevjon. I am an artist, a woman, and a lesbian. Being reported to the police for violating Section 185 is my latest project. Put this lesbian in jail, Minister of Culture/Equality Anette Trettebergstuen!

Coming to a country near you?

In her Facebook post, Gjevjon went off on “transgender males who call themselves “lesbians.” I can’t quite wrap my head around that algebraic equation, although it sounds to me like men pretending to be women who are attracted to women, so why not cut out the middleman — or middlewoman, as it were? Makes my head hurt.

Gjevjon wrote:

It’s just as impossible for men to become lesbian as it is for men to become pregnant. Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes.

Here’s more, via Reduxx:

Gjevjon particularly singled out the actions of prominent Norwegian trans activist, Christine Jentoft – a man who claims to be a lesbian mother, and who currently serves as a representative for the nation’s leading trans activist group, Foreningen FRI.

Jentoft has been at the center of a clash between women’s rights activists and Norway’s hate speech legislation, which was revised in 2020.

The amendments, which went into effect last year, included the category of “gender identity or gender expression” – a move women’s rights campaigners in the nation warned would result in a chill over free speech, especially where it related to the reality of biological sex.


Below are excerpts from Gjevjon’s post, as translated by Facebook, but still somewhat hard to read. I highlighted a few relevant phrases:

Men who permalaive [claim] that they are lesbians and women, are the way I see it women discriminating perverse fetishists. […]

Heterophile Lesbian Men … have been assigned a home in the legislation to report lesbian women like me and any other women and men who express disgust these men’s attempts to use the legislation against names nonfile men/women and lesbian women pointing out how f***ing humiliating it is that we have to accept the bulls**t gender identity holds and that is wrapped as a minority vulnerability.

Skeive associations such as the association free and men who fetishize being a lesbian full-time are now using the legislation passed by the Parliament to report people who do not want to comply with this insane belief regime.

It’s just as impossible for men to become lesbian as it is for men to get pregnant. Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes – so men with fetishes have been protected as a vulnerable minority through the foolish and constructed concept of gender identity is koko [crazy].

It is important to give the politicians who are behind this responsibility because the others are just running boys/girls.

Different country, same insanity.

As crazy as this stuff is, it continues to amuse me how people — mostly on the left, but the right is gaining ground — attach so much importance to labels. To borrow from Meemaw Hillary Clinton, what difference do labels make, anyway? Other than in most cases, to use as ad hominems against other people, or to boast about themselves and the stuff they do — or lie about.


The Bottom Line

This silliness is yet another cause-and-effect example of squeezing too much crazy-train toothpaste out of the leftist tube. The left takes one bite at a time out of morality, mores, decency, accepted definitions, biology, and everything else in society that leftism touch.

Maybe that’s why no one’s surprised, anymore.


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