Rising Republican Star Has a Plan for 2024 GOP Comeback and the Party Would Be Wise to Follow Her Lead

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As many Republicans continue to lick their wounds from the red wave that wasn’t in the 2022 midterms, and others continue in vain to slather lipstick on the pig, Alabama Republican Senator-elect Katie Britt says enough is enough — and she has a game plan she believes can propel the GOP to victory in 2024.


During a discussion with Fox News Digital prior to what would be the GOP’s latest high-profile candidate loss in a key Georgia gubernatorial Senate run-off election, where Herschel Walker fell to incumbent Raphael Warnock, Britt said she was optimistic Republicans and Americans as a whole were on the same page when it came to wanting new leaders in office who actually come up with solutions rather than simply talking issues and placing blame on those who screwed things up.


The Alabama senator-elect also said it’s critical for the GOP to take their “Here’s how we’ll fix things” message to younger generations of voters, which should be a no-brainer. And, as should always be the case in elections, Britt stressed the importance of teamwork:

It’s critically important that we operate as a team. In order to win we have got to all get on the same page and make sure that we get our message to voters. And so whatever role that I can play in that, you better believe you can count me in.

We believe that now is the time to have all hands on deck. And so we want to be a team player. I want to make sure that I’m doing everything I can to ensure … we are poised to take back the majority in 2024.

After winning her June Republican primary victory in deep-red Alabama, Britt traveled around the country to boost Republican Senate candidates in tight races, cementing herself as a national political player and rising star in the Republican Party.



Among the long list of reasons that Republican Monday morning quarterbacks blame for the red trickle was the amount of money raised by Democrat candidates vs. Republicans. Fair enough — to an extent. To that point, Britt’s used her fundraising success to help the Republican Senate candidates in Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington, Oklahoma, Missouri Nevada, and New Hampshire.

“Every dollar counts,” she said.

We’ve seen Democrats outraise Republicans, and so we know that every dollar counts, and we need all hands on deck when it comes to that because you have to have dollars to be able to get that message out.

While Britt wasn’t able to help save Herschel Walker, she did throw considerable support behind a number of Republican candidates who won their races, including Senator-elect JD Vance of Ohio, and North Carolina Senator-elect Ted Budd.

As for my earlier reference to “to an extent,” regarding campaign money, donors could throw all the money in the world at the lipstick-slathered pig to which I alluded, but chances are good that the cash and the lipstick aren’t going to help the damn pig. Then again, Pennsylvania Senator-elect John Fetterman kinda destroys that argument, so…

New Blood

As is the case with many examples in life, a political party that doesn’t remain vibrant and continue to grow — to evolve and adapt — will ultimately sputter, lose support, and finally die. As Katie Britt suggested, the GOP must focus on bringing new blood into the party — in numbers.


I believe we need new blood. We need fresh blood That’s why I got in this race and what Alabamians responded to. They wanted someone who is going to fight for our values and fight for our people. And so we’ve got to do a good job, and a better job of getting our message out.

And what is that message, as Britt sees it?

We are the party of faith, family, freedom, and opportunity. We missed being able to get that message to some of the younger generations, so we’ve got to reconfigure how we do that.

In the end, elections should be about actionable results vs. exclusively attacks against the other side — and particularly not within the party, itself. Here’s the thing: Actions matter and words are cheap. Excuses, apologies, divisive rhetoric — the list goes on — must be replaced with admissions of wrongdoing, behavioral changes, and actions — in order to demonstrate to voters the changes necessary. Common sense? In my book, hell yes.

Britt put it this way:

Americans are looking for people to actually create results. We see that in our state. Alabamians don’t want someone who just talks about the issues.

They want someone who actually creates solutions, actually steps up and says how do you create solutions, create a conversation to where we can take our nation back.

That’s what Americans are expecting, that’s what Republicans want, and that’s what we’re going to do between now and 2024.


Disagree with any of that? Then that’s on you.

The Bottom Line

Whining and carping about everything wrong the other guys did, while changing zero about what we do, as I suggested in a Thursday article, is a quintessential example of Einstein’s admonishment: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Let’s not be insane in 2024, my fellow Constitutional Conservatives.

Who knows — maybe we can even convince some of the other folks to join us.


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