Desperate Netflix Star Urges Biden to Activate Emergency Alert System to Encourage People to Vote Democrat

As Joe Biden continues to bumble on one hand and spew preposterous lies about “ultra mega MAGA Republicans” on the other, Hollywood — like everyone else on the rabid left — continues its meltdown with the midterm elections next Tuesday and all signs pointing to a total disaster for the Democrat Party.


So how histrionic have Hollywooders become? Netflix’s Ozark star Jason Bateman pushed Biden to activate the nation’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) to urge voters to vote Democrat in the midterms, parroting Biden’s nonsensical claim that democracy is under threat from Republicans — that histrionic.

In the most recent episode of the SmartLess podcast, as reported by Breitbart, Biden spoke with hosts Jason Bateman, star of the popular Netflix series, and fellow actors Sean Hayes and Will Arnett to discuss politics and the upcoming midterms.

Bateman wasted little time before pleading with Biden to activate EMS:

With the midterms on our doorstep … Two thirds of the seats that are up for grabs and the midterms are trending to be won by admitted election deniers. And then that means that elections and consequently democracy as a form of government will most likely be done away with or could be seriously threatened.

This is what they’re saying that their plan is once elected. So doesn’t that current, real forecast, even declaration, justify some kind of emergency alert that asks for maximum attention and participation from every single voter in America?”

Could I ask you to commit to consider over the next few days using your unique power as president to utilize the emergency alert system?


Please. First, Republican voters aren’t a monolithic group of mindless people who universally believe the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” or “stolen.” Moreover, I suspect a sizeable percentage of objective Republicans don’t believe substantive proof has been presented to support the claim, but feel pressured to say they do, fearing retribution from “you know who” and his unchangeable loyalists. Second, Bateman’s “This is what they’re saying that their plan is” is a nonsensical crock of crap.

Bateman did acknowledge the purpose of the Emergency Alert System, but then played the Democrats’ go-to “existential threat” card:

It’s usually for the weather or killers or kidnapping, whatever. But I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to categorize this as, as a light crisis, an existential threat.

He then argued that a simple 20-second card flashing on the screen would be enough to encourage voters to “get out and let their voices be heard” (vote Democrat and save the Republic).

Biden being Biden, he all but embraced Bateman’s ridiculous request, and also being Biden, he lied, deflected, and bumbled his way through his response:


By the way the point you’re making is the point. People have to vote. Look, the best example is the Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision said there’s a line from one of the (liberal) justices saying, ‘Women have a right to vote. We’ll see if they do.’ You saw what happened in Tennessee. Women showed up and vote. [sic] Women are out registering men for the first time significantly for this new election.

I worry about the states that have the election deniers in them, making it harder practically for them to vote. That’s what I worry about the Supreme Court decisions on voting that are coming down, that are gonna be coming down.

But vote, vote, vote. That’s been my — I end all my speeches, everything I talk about. Yes. For me to do what you’re suggesting, I imagine it would end up being a gigantic fight. Whether I was using an emergency system designed to quote lives for political purposes.

“Designed to quote lives for political purposes”? Mental acuity-challenged Joe being Joe.

The Bottom Line 

Some are inclined to go off in the comments section — which is their prerogative — when I draw comparisons with Donald Trump, but throughout the 2020 presidential election campaign, Trump convinced his staunchest supporters that the only way he could lose the election would be if it was “stolen” from him. Welp, here we are.


So now we see Biden and Democrats warning that Republicans will do their damnedest to steal the midterm elections, and of course, they’ll make the same unfounded accusations in 2024.

Politics in today’s America have become an ignoble profession at best — and a very ugly one at worst.


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