Nailed It: Tucker Carlson Weighs in on Why Democrats Desperately Cling to Censorship

I’m going to intentionally bury the lede, beginning with this question:

As Elon Musk takes command of Twitter, what’s really behind the left’s apoplectic meltdown? The short answer is that the left’s continuing hissy fit goes far beyond Musk and Twitter.


Sure, Musk on day one began making sweeping changes at the social media darling of the left, including firing the entire board and making himself sole director, but the left’s histrionics about “the end of democracy in America” and other such nonsense points to something more — something far more ominous in the eyes of terrified Democrats across the fruited plain, as Rush Limbaugh fondly referred to America.

That “something more” begins with the left’s stark realization that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter — and Musk is far from a conservative, mind you — is the first breach of the left’s monolithic death grip on social media. What comes next? they fret. How much more control of social media will they lose?

How much more control of the media in general might they lose? Democrats are already histrionic over CNN’s ongoing overhaul by new head Chris Licht. “Now what?” they worry. Because the dirty little non-secret secret is this: The Democrat Party is terrified of the truth. Sans the ability to suppress or censor facts and the truth, the Democrats will be exposed for who and what they are.

Hence the Democrat Party must fight against the truth with everything at its disposal.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, on Monday, suggested Democrats and the media are exploiting the horrific hammer attack on Paul Pelosi to call for censorship, terrified that various media outlets — and Elon Musk’s Twitter — will air or run content that runs counter to the Democrats’ narrative.


According to Carlson, without censorship, Democrats struggle to maintain their grip on power. That reality existed long before the attack on Pelosi, of course, and has been the reality of the left for six decades or more. Here’s Tucker, as transcribed by Breitbart:

We’ve been watching this story all weekend with growing bewilderment. Last Friday morning, as you know, around 2:00 AM, police arrived at the home of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. It’s in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Inside the home, they found Pelosi’s 82- year-old husband, Paul, and another man, 40 years younger, called David DePape. Nancy Pelosi was out of town at the time.

In full view of the police, [David] DePape hit Paul Pelosi in the head two times with a hammer. Both Pelosi and DePape were then taken immediately to a local hospital — Pelosi for his head injuries and DePape for reasons that are still not clear. DePape was later charged in Federal Court with assault and attempted kidnapping.

At this point, that’s what we can say for certain. David DePape assaulted Paul Pelosi with a hammer. Apparently, DePape has admitted that in police custody, but beyond those facts, there was much in the story that remains muddy.

Carlson pointed to multiple questions and incongruencies about the Pelosi attack, including why the Pelosi home was not protected by security that night, as is normally the case. He wondered aloud rhetorically why the so-called “mainstream” media not only appears disinterested in troubling questions about the brutal attack but also why Democrats and the sock puppet media immediately rushed to predictable conclusions, without a modicum of facts to back their politically-predisposed assertions.


He then played several audio clips to illustrate the point, including:

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN ANCHOR: Is this political violence, in your opinion?

JOHN MILLER, CNN CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT AND INTELLIGENCE ANALYST: It seems to be clear that the content of his social media and the statements he allegedly made about “Where is Nancy? We’re going to wait for Nancy,” certainly points in that direction.

TIFFANY CROSS, MSNBC HOST: It seems like there’s this effort to normalize this kind of behavior and to make Trumpers feel at home and prioritize their feelings.

JEFF ZELENY, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: This is about election denialism. What has happened over the last two years has seeped into the minds and the thoughts of some unstable people.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC HOST: Deranged right-wing fanatics, Trump Media allies and some of the most powerful people in the world were feverishly trying to stir up conspiracy theories that distracted from the central political headline of this story that years of Republican propaganda and Trump-fueled fascism led 42-year-old David DePape to break into Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home.

Yet? As we reported on Monday, one look at David DePape and his background, and it could not be clearer that this guy is no “MAGA Republican” — despite one’s feelings about the MAGA crowd, the Jan.6 Capitol riot, and its steadfast allegiance to Donald Trump. Said Carlson:


The media are portraying the suspect in the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband as a man fundamentally driven by right-wing ideology. But it’s obvious to anyone who looks that what drove David DePape to violence was drug-induced paranoid psychosis.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but I will, anyway: If not for Paul Pelosi being Madam Speaker’s husband, she’d be spewing the exact same garbage. Maybe she still will.

Carlson continued:

As CNN commentator David Axelrod put it, “Far-right conspiracy theories are to blame here.” And of course, Jen Rubin at The Washington Post accused right-wing Republicans of “inciting violence” against the Pelosi family using this illegal alien, homeless guy on drugs. “The far-right demonized Pelosi and that led to the attack,” read a banner on MSNBC.


So, keep in mind, as you shake your head at bewilderment at all of this, that the Midterm Elections are next Tuesday and Democrats are in trouble, and they believe the attack on Paul Pelosi might help them.


As I suggested at the top, the left will continue to fight against the dissemination of any and all facts that fly in the face of their various narratives — viciously so, with every weapon at their disposal.

And if they don’t? They will cease to exist as a viable national political party — and they know it. 


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