Lapdog Media Desperately Tries to Blame 'Anti-Abortion Movement' for Diaper Shortage

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The efforts of pro-abortion activists to spin the Supreme Court’s majority decision to overturn Roe v. Wade have ranged from ignorant to insane, to desperate and hilarious. So, how hilarious and insane, are we talking about? Blaming pro-lifers for the diaper shortage “crisis.” That hilarious and insane


As reported by NewsBusters, Yahoo Finance tried to deflect responsibility from the Biden supply chain crisis, in part by blaming right-to-life Americans for the “diaper shortage” for presumably having too many babies. It begins with the Yahoo headline, America is facing a diaper crisis, and the anti-abortion movement is making it worse. It goes downhill from there:

Many families across the U.S. lack access to supplies essential to their baby’s well-being, including clothing, food, and diapers. The coronavirus pandemic has played a heavy role in this crisis, and as households seek help from nonprofit organizations, anti-abortion centers (AACs) may be misrepresenting the extent of their services.

In 2019, Heartbeat International, an AAC giant, claimed to have provided 1.85 million individuals with free baby supplies, including more than 2 million baby clothing outfits, more than 19,000 strollers, and more than 1.2 million packs of diapers. However, data from Equity Forward, an accountability organization that produces investigative research related to gender equity and sexual and reproductive health, found inconsistencies with those numbers.

Ashley Underwood, director of Equity Forward — a left-of-wing abortion advocacy organization and a project of the Hopewell Fund — told Yahoo Finance:


Instead of providing direct material support to people, they’re using this money for overhead costs to pay for staff salaries, to engage with SEO [Search Engine Optimization]  marketing professionals, to expand their outreach to promote themselves, and all sorts of things that are not providing services to people in need.  They solely exist to deter people from getting abortion care.

And Equity Forward exists solely to advocate for on-demand abortion until birth, Ms. Underwood, so, please. 

That Diaper Shortage Crisis?

First, a synopsis of Yahoo Finance’s spin:

Roughly one-third of U.S. families are unable to afford diapers necessary to keep their babies dry and clean, according to the National Diaper Network, which is part of an ongoing public health issue known as “diaper need.” Oftentimes, diaper need can lead to a variety of issues for both baby and caregiver, affecting not only physical health but also mental and economic health.

Moms Helping Moms founder and Co-Executive Director Bridget Cutler kicked it up a notch, telling old Yahoo Finance:

When caregivers don’t have a sufficient amount of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy, they often are forced to keep their babies in soiled diapers longer than they should or dump and dry used diapers so that they can be reused. As a result, infants and toddlers are at risk of skin infections, open sores, urinary tract infections, and other conditions that may require medical attention.


Cutler then got even more pathetic, claiming parents can’t go to work if they can’t afford diapers:

What’s more, almost all child care providers require parents to provide a daily supply of disposable diapers in order to drop their child off each day. If parents do not provide diapers, they cannot go to work or school.

Research has shown that mothers who are unable to provide a sufficient amount of diapers for their child are more likely to suffer from depression. Being a parent is hard enough without having to constantly stress about meeting your child’s basic needs.”

Parents who struggle with diaper shortages “report missing an average of four days of work or school per month,” according to National Diaper Network CEO Joanne Samuels Goldblum, per Yahoo. Not counterintuitive at all, is it? [sarc]

So let’s get this straight. Moral people opposed to — and outraged by — on-demand abortion [murder] of healthy human beings, no questions asked, right up until the moment of birth, are responsible for higher stress levels in households experiencing “diaper need.” Could it be that affected households suffer from stress — including stress — due to the disastrous policies of Joe Biden? The supply chain crisis? Record inflation? Draconian COVID lockdowns?


The Rest of the Story

As reported by WBUR in Boston, “as families feel the pinch of inflation, diaper banks have seen [an] increased need.” But again, the overblown COVID pandemic, supply chain crisis, and inflation — not right-to-life Americans — led to the diaper shortage, contrary to the narrative of the left-wing media, pro-abortion activists, and the Democrat Party.

Blaming right-to-lifers for babies going without diapers and moms suffering higher stress levels, as a result, is not only insane; it’s the common fare of the left.

Incidentally, as far as I know, America hasn’t suffered from a cloth diaper or laundry detergent shortage.


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