Pelosi to Italy if GOP Wins House Majority in Midterms?

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As was and remains the case with Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi never fails to surprise — or amuse — her colleagues and adversaries alike. Like Hillary (Meemaw, “affectionately”), controversial 82-year-old Pelosi refuses to leave the stage and fade into the sunset — where she has long belonged.


Then again, wouldn’t you kinda hate to see the old gasbag go?

Anyway, as with everything Pelosi does, well-placed sources have told Fox Business that Madam Speaker has already selected her next job if House Republicans regain the majority in the November midterms as they are expected to do; although I doubt the “red wave” will occur as many keyboard warriors predict.

When I first read the report, I simultaneously shook my head in disgust and laughed out loud. As we’ve seen for years, Pelosi’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, and her hypocrisy begins and ends with the “very Catholic person” Speaker’s staunch support for abortion, including on-demand abortion until birth, which she has called “sacred ground.”

Nancy Pelosi
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If Madam Speaker’s coveted gavel — which she has wielded like a totalitarian sledgehammer — is finally pried from her bony hands, Pelosi wants Biden to nominate her for the vacant position of U.S. ambassador to Italy; one of the most Catholic countries in the world, home of Vatican City, and Pope Francis, who has grown increasingly frustrated with her pro-abortion activism, for which she was finally excommunicated by the San Francisco archbishop in May. So, ambassador to Italy? Perfect job for Pelosi? Not made in heaven.


The “plot” thickens.

Not only has Biden failed to nominate an ambassador to Italy since he wrenched the presidency from Donald Trump; but sources also told Fox Business that the embattled president is holding the spot open for Pelosi.

Per the U.S. Constitution, the Senate confirms ambassadorships, which would likely make a Pelosi confirmation questionable at best if the GOP retakes majority control of the Senate in November. As I see it, the reaction would be mixed, at best. Then again, given that most ambassadorships are largely ceremonial, getting Pelosi the hell out of the country might not be all that bad of an idea.

Historically, presidents have bestowed ambassador posts in the most desirable locations for the people — in or out of government — who have helped propel them to the White House or strongly supported their presidencies, typically political operatives and wealthy donors.

Well, ain’t that something? With Nancy and Paul Pelosi, Biden would get a twofer.


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