Jonathan Turley Blasts the Most 'Glaring Element' of Biden's Unhinged Attack Against Trump and MAGA

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And there it was. The most divisive political speech by a sitting president in at least modern history. Joe Biden, arms waving and fists clenched, standing in front of a creepy red background, replete with two United States Marines in dress uniform “standing guard,” as their commander in chief blasted “semi-fascist” Donald Trump and the MAGA crowd as the top threat to America’s democracy.


Among the sea of political pundits continuing on Friday to beat to death Biden’s incendiary speech from every conceivable angle — and then some — Georgetown University Law professor and frequent Fox News guest, Jonathan Turley opted for less hyperbole and more substantive, specific criticism of Biden’s militaristic Thursday night speech — and he needed just four tweets to do it.

The optics of Biden’s speech instantly became a source of Internet chatter with the weird red background that made the President look like he was giving a stump speech from Dante’s Inferno. However, it was the use of the Marine guards that were the most glaring element…

Dante’s Inferno. Nicely played — I hadn’t thought of that comparison.

Turley not only focused on what he called the most “glaring element” of Biden’s divisive diatribe; he also pointed to specific language in a Department of Defense Directive that prohibits active members of the Armed Forces from engaging in partisan political activities.


Under Department of Defense Directive 1344.10 (“Political Activities for Members of the Armed Forces”) members of the Armed Forces may not engage in political activities…

Um, Joe?

The DoD’s Directive 1344.10 states, in part:

In keeping with the traditional concept that members on active duty should not engage in partisan political activity, and that members not on active duty should avoid inferences that their political activities imply or appear to imply official aponsorship, approval, or endorsement, the following policy shall apply:


4.1.2. A member of the Armed Forces on active duty shall not:

Let’s go to Turley for a few of the “shall nots.”

The long list of prohibited acts include: “Attend partisan political events as an official representative of the Armed Forces, except as a member of a joint Armed Forces color guard at the opening ceremonies of the national conventions of the Republican, Democratic, or other political parties recognized by the Federal Elections Committee or as otherwise authorized by the Secretary concerned.”

Hmm. I missed the part where it says: “as otherwise authorized by the president.”

Symbolism over substance has long been a staple of the Democrat Party. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, and other Congressional Democrats ridiculously kneeling in honor of George Floyd, with African Kente cloth patronizingly draped around their necks?

Nancy Pelosi, Kneeling
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

And who can forget Barack Obama after the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting — which left 26 victims dead; 20 of them children, ages 6-7 — surrounded by children for a photo-op as he signed 23 executive orders on “gun violence”?

But using United States Marines as a backdrop for the most divisive political speech by an American president in modern history? A president whose White House recently announced a unity summit, of all things? Laughable, hypocritical, inexcusable, disgusting, — take your pick.

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Uniformed White House guards is one thing. Trotting out U.S. Marines as props behind a hypocritical partisan-hack president delivering an angry partisan-hack speech in which he called half of America “semi-fascists” is another. It is unacceptable, and it is disgusting — but par for Biden’s course.


Incidentally, as reported by my colleague Nick Arama on Friday, Biden appears to be uncharacteristically attempting to backtrack by doing a double-backflip on his incendiary speech.

Right, Joe. Say it ain’t so. Nonsense, “Jack” — you said what you said. Own it.

Cue the White House crickets.


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