Jordan Peterson Comes out Swinging in Defense of Plus-Size Swimsuit Model Comments

Screnshot: YouTube

Influential YouTube personality, author, clinical psychologist, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson has been on quite a roll, recently. And by “quite a roll,” I mean Peterson has been unabashed sticking it to ridiculous radical leftists and their equally-ridiculous virtue-signaling nonsense.


Before we continue, let’s do a quick refresher for those in need of catching up.

Sports Illustrated, in May, released a 2022 Swimsuit Edition cover featuring plus-size model Yumi Nu. While Nu is an attractive woman, SI’s cover was blatant virtue signaling —publicly expressing opinions intended to demonstrate one’s good character or moral correctness on a particular issue — to the max.

Disagree, and the left’s vicious attacks begin, leading many conservatives who might otherwise strike back to remain silent. Except, in this case, Dr. Jordan Peterson, who was far from afraid to say exactly what he thought and why he thought it — in just 14 words:

Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.

While we might differ on Ms. Nu’s attractiveness, Peterson’s point about authoritarian tolerance was spot-on. Or, make that intolerance — against those who refuse to play the left’s virtual-signaling games.

Needless to say, Peterson was dragged bigly for his “insult” of Yumi Nu. As noted by Newsweek the day after his tweet, Peterson announced he was leaving Twitter in response to “vicious insults.”

The endless flood of vicious [insults] is really not something that can be experienced anywhere else. I like to follow the people I know but I think the incentive structure of the platform makes it intrinsically and dangerously insane.

So I told my staff to change my password, to keep me from temptation, and am departing once again. If I have something to say I’ll write an article or make a video. If the issue is not important enough to justify that then perhaps it would be best to just let it go.


Following several more battles with the radical left — we’ll get to those, momentarily — Peterson has doubled down on his comments about the SI cover, Yumi Nu, and the intolerance of the virtual-signaling crowd. In a Thursday email to the Telegraph, Peterson maintained that his controversial tweet “was not a mistake, nor was it the reason I left Twitter.”

He continued, explaining the sentiments that led to his tweet, as transcribed by the New York Post.

The use of that model, who was not athletic (remember: SPORTS Illustrated) was manipulative economically and in relation to the model herself (although she participated in her own exploitation).

Beauty is an ideal. Almost all of us fall short of an ideal. I am not willing to sacrifice any ideal to faux compassion. Period. And certainly not the ideal of athletic beauty.

Bingo. Peterson’s broader point that he is not “willing to sacrifice any ideal to faux compassion” is not only dead-on; it is a lesson for all conservatives in this insane era of endless virtue signaling. To paraphrase the veteran TV anchor Howard Beal (brilliantly played by the late Peter Finch) in the classic film, “Network,” we should all be “mad as hell and not going to take it, anymore!”

Meanwhile, Peterson’s battle against the left continues, as recently reported by RedState:

Jordan Peterson Hilariously Causes Fury Among the Left Again, This Time by Calling Someone ‘Beautiful’


This was priceless, in light of Peterson’s earlier criticism of the Sports Illustrated cover.

Nicely played, Dr. Peterson, I would’ve done the same — and also been amused by the ensuing histrionics.

Next up, as we recently reported:

Jordan Peterson Is Suspended From Twitter After ‘Deadnaming’ Elliot Page

This episode begins with Peterson commenting about transgender actor Elliot — formerly, “Ellen” — Page. In a “suspended” tweet, a screenshot of which was posted to Twitter by Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, the clinical psychologist said:

Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.

Peterson’s account was subsequently suspended by Twitter, pending his deletion of the “hateful” tweet. Not only did he refuse to do; Peterson said he’d “rather die.”

I’ve essentially been banned from Twitter as a consequence. I say banned, although technically I have been suspended, but the suspension will not be lifted unless I delete the “hateful” tweet in question and I would rather die than do that and hopefully it will not come to that, although who the hell knows in these increasingly strange days.

“Up yours, woke moralists,” Peterson later said, adding that he did not promote harassment nor violence through his tweet.


Let’s also talk about obesity — and the left’s blatant hypocrisy about it. 

I could be wrong [sarc], but I seem to remember Michelle Obama encouraging kids to eat healthy school lunches, lose weight, and exercise. Heck, she even promoted the crap out of her White House vegetable garden to further make her case. Yet, I also seem to remember the left’s continual fat-shaming of Donald Trump. Hypocritical as hell? Of course.

Moreover, as understood within the medical community for decades, obesity is not healthy and does not bold well for overweight people as they age. According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity leads to a greater risk of the following:

  • All-causes of death (mortality).
  • High blood pressure (hypertension).
  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (dyslipidemia).
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Gallbladder disease.
  • Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint).
  • Sleep apnea and breathing problems.
  • Many types of cancer.
  • Low quality of life.
  • Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.
  • Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning.

But, hey big deal. In the eyes of the left, apparently. As they see it, it’s much more important to encourage overweight people — men and women — to not only accept their bodies as is; but also to in effect to embrace their weight, focus only on their beauty, and in effect flip off Jordan Peterson and others like him with the courage to tell it like it is.


Look, I understand. Losing weight for overweight people can be a challenge. I also understand that neither overweight people nor anyone else should “judge” another based on one’s weight. That is wrong as hell.

What is also wrong as hell is celebrating obesity, and by doing so, sending the wrong message — including to overweight children.

Damn, I’ve never said this before, but even Michelle Obama partially was right.


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