Watch: Reporter on TikTok Forces Hypocritical 'My Body, My Choice' Activists to Defend Vax Mandates

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In this episode of “The Hypocrisy of the Left Knows No Bounds”…

Radical pro-abortion protesters who are fond of parroting the ridiculous “My Body, My Choice” argument in defense of on-demand abortion (now, right up until birth) recently lost their minds when asked whether the same argument should apply to COVID vaccine mandates, in a TikTok video by the pro-life “AChanceAtLife” account.


Spoiler: Their responses are hilarious–and hypocritical. Says one: “Vaccines are good for you.”

“What’s important is bodily autonomy,” another protester tells the reporter, as they walk beside her. Aborted (read: murdered) babies were unavailable for comment.

The same right men have always had. (Not to nitpick, but aren’t we leaving out an important third party, here?)

We just want equal rights. The right to govern our own bodies. Just like men have always had.

It’s that simple.

Is it?

The “AChanceAtLife” reporter then asks: “Do you support the right for people to not get the COVID vaccine”? Ooh, great question. The seemingly perplexed abortion advocate frowns and replies, “It’s irrelevant,” to which the reporter fires back: “So, my body, my choice”?

You’re right — it’s not irrelevant. One of them is going to be in a pandemic state, right? A state of emergency? Which we all know, laws change during a state of emergency.

Again, aborted children were unavailable for comment on their “state of emergency.”


Here’s how the conversation went down with another pro-abortion advocate — who was beautifully set up by the reporter: “Do you agree with the statement, ‘My body, my choice’?”

“Yes, absolutely,” she said…and bit:

Bodily autonomy (there’s that buzz phrase, again) is a human right. (Except for unborn children.) Health care is a human right. (Ending the life of a human being is not “health care.”)

Access to health care should not be something that is dictated by the Supreme Court. (An obviously incorrect and idiotic statement.)

The reporter continued to assist the protester in her self-annihilation: “During the pandemic did you support people’s right to not get the COVID vaccine?”

Oops. After an “I’m screwed” sigh, the woman tried her hypocritical best to spin her answer. “It’s a difficult conversation.” Reporter: 1, Pro-abortion advocate: 0. Final score.

Here’s another: “Do you support ‘bodily autonomy’ in other situations — for example, the COVID vaccine mandate?”

The protester’s irritated response was “beautiful”: “We’ve been mandated to get vaccinations for years and years and years.”

“So you do support, in that situation, people not having control of their bodies?”, he pressed. Completely flustered, she said “That’s not having ‘not control’ of your body.” (Of course, it is.) Like, I don’t understand…” (Game over.)


Here’s a conversation with a male (I think) protester:

“Do you think it is important for people to have medical and health control over their own bodies?”

“Yeah, it’s good for them, it’s good for everybody,” said the protester.

“Did you support the mandates?”, asked the reporter.

“I do support the mandates, yeah,” came the response. After being reminded that people don’t have control over their own bodies if they’re forced to get vaccinated, the guy said:

Vaccinations are good for people. […] You don’t have to get it, they just can’t have a job. You don’t have a right to a job.

To paraphrase the late Democrat statesman Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Bud, you are entitled to your own opinion and emotions. You are not, however, entitled to your own facts. You are also not entitled — nor is the federal government — to tell me what I must inject into my body.

What do you want to beg this hypocrite has also protested to increase the minimum wage? Just a hunch.

Anyway, the insanity went on. As is the case with all programmed low-information followers of whatever — or whomever — these useful idiots were clearly and simply parroting propaganda with which they have willingly been programmed. Speaking of which, I’m often reminded, these days, of the wise admonition from the late comedian, George Carlin:


Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Some things never change.

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