'Meat Supremacy'? Eating Meat Is Part of 'White Supremacist Patriarchal Worldview'

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If we’ve learned anything from the inhabitants of Planet Looney Tunes over the last couple of years, it is this: Anything and everything the left doesn’t like is racist, misogynistic, or worse.


And by “racist,” we’re talking systemic racism — which is tied to white supremacy and the ridiculous notion that all white people — at birth, solely because of the color of their skin — are inherently racist, and for which, they must atone by living proactively anti-racist lives.

And, as if we haven’t laughed at these people enough, they now tell us that eating meat is “all of the above.” Yep, eating meat, and allowing people to eat meat are both racist and misogynistic. Therefore, meat is misogynistic too. Why? As the following left-wing loon sees it, white maleness causes meat-eating.

As reported by Sky News, author and animal rights activist Carol J. Adams believes choosing to eat meat is linked to a “white supremacist patriarchal worldview.” And just how crazy is Adams? During an Oxford Union debate on the topic, “Beyond Meat” in the UK, she declared:

White supremacists weaponized eating meat, eggs, and dairy to reclaim their wounded masculinity.

That crazy.

The author of The Sexual Politics of Meat — let that sink in — delusionally argues that the act of eating animal “corpses” is “massaged by euphemistic language” like hamburgers, steak, and bacon. As transcribed by Sky:

In order to be eaten, animals must disappear as living beings, that is, be killed. They then disappear conceptually as so many forms in which we eat animal corpses are massaged by euphemistic language (like) hamburgers, steak, pork, bacon…

Even the speaker just before me talked about ‘turkeys.’ He’s talking about dead butchered turkeys of whom part of their bodies will be eaten.

Meat eaters order ‘leg of lamb,’ not a baby lamb’s leg (and) your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny.


Yeah, I got nothin’.  Except, did I mention Adams’s other book?

As one of her “proof sources,” noted Sky, Adams used the 9/11 attack and a “black man” being elected president of the United States as an example of how she believes white men are reclaiming their wounded masculinity with the meat, eggs, and dairy thing.

That’s why after 9/11, a focus on men as heroes and on meat-eating became part of [the] reclamation of wounded masculinity. When a black man was elected as US President, we saw how white this wounded masculinity was.

White supremacists weaponized eating meat, eggs, dairy, images of milk-drinking white men, of platters groaning with meat, and the baiting of liberal men as so-called soy boys are all part of the neo-Nazi messaging.

She added: “‘This is their right'” the neo-Nazis say, ‘this is their identity.'” [ROFL emojis. 10 of them.]

One of my favorite parts of left-wing idiocy has always been how easily it can be destroyed by reality. One need not be an expert on the interwebs or the Google machine to quickly find a few examples:


The Cattle Economy of the Maasai

Traditionally, the Maasai diet consisted of raw meat, raw milk, honey, and raw blood from cattle. […]

[I]n many villages they do not eat any fruit or vegetables at all [and] that when available, every growing child and every pregnant or lactating woman would receive a daily ration of raw blood.

Diverse Cultures of the Northern Plains Indian Peoples: Buffalo and the People

The buffalo, or American bison, were and still are of great importance to the Native peoples of the Plains. […] More than a thousand years ago, Native farmers and hunters established villages along the rivers of the Great Plains.

Also on the Plains were nomadic people who lived by gathering wild plant foods and hunting buffalo and other game. […] Plains people have survived and thrived because of their relationship to the buffalo.

China’s Love of Meat: Why Vegetarianism Is Still Novel in China

Although there are plenty of dishes comprised mostly of vegetables, the main attraction of the meal is almost always a large plate of meat, whether it is roasted duck, red-braised pork, or another protein.

Even the vegetables are usually stewed in a meat-based broth or stir-fried with slivers of meat for flavor, so they cannot be classified as entirely vegan or vegetarian.

Every meal seemed to contain abundant, almost excessive portions of meat.



Carol J. Adams was unavailable for comment.

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