WATCH: Pennsylvania Sen Candidate's Awesome 'Let's Go Brandon' Super Bowl Ad

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

How sweet it is. Short, too.

I’m referring to the 30-second campaign ad from Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dave McCormick that airs during Sunday’s Super Bowl game (between two teams and a league I no longer follow, but I digress).


As reported by Fox News, McCormick’s ad, which contains the “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant, is expected to air across all NBC platforms in Pennsylvania during the Super Bowl.

Needless to say, the folks who put the ad together had more than enough material from which to draw, after just one year of Joe Biden’s occupation of the Oval Office — from the Biden Border Crisis™ to the Biden Oil Crisis™ and runaway gas prices, to the Biden Afghanistan Debacle™ to the Biden Supply Chain Crisis™ to Bidenomics™, followed by Bidenflation™. Whew!

McCormick, a Bronze Star recipient for his service in the Gulf War, was spot-on during an interview about the ad with Fox. “Pennsylvanians have had enough,” he said.

Whether it’s not being able to afford gas or groceries because of record-high inflation, rampant crime in our cities, a dramatic spike in the trafficking of fentanyl and human exploitation across open borders, or the disgraceful lack of accountability for the death of 13 young service members in Afghanistan — these problems were self-inflicted by Joe Biden and the extreme policies of the left. Pennsylvanians have had enough.

Um, Brandon? Everything Dave McCormick said is not only factually correct; you own every bit of it.


“I believe in its greatness,” McCormick told Fox. “Together we can turn things around by restoring common sense and strong leadership.”

McCormick has recently received endorsements from former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and former White House Press Secretary, now Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

As noted by Fox, McCormick recently visited the U.S.-Mexico border where he ran into Vice President Kamala Harris — just kidding — where he received the endorsement of National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd.

Real American heroes. Fighting real wars. Fighting for real progress and freedom in the country they love. Running bad-ass “Let’s Go Brandon!” commercials on Super Bowls.

Damn, I love this country. And “Let’s Go Brandon!”


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