MSNBC's Joy Reid Goes Full-Metal Stand-up Comic, Claims She's 'Part of a Journalistic Outfit'

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The only thing funnier about MSNBC host Joy Reid than her day-after-day efforts to embarrass the hell out of herself is her total lack of self-awareness while doing so. And when she claims to be a fact-based journalist, we’re talking Diet Coke (or whatever) hurtling out of your nose and all over your screen.


Yet, that’s exactly what the race-hustling host of “The ReidOut” claimed during a recent interview with the Washington Post Magazine — expressing every silly, bald-faced lie with a straight face, no less.

The delusional Ms. Reid told WaPo her concern for our democracy” is the driving force behind her embrace of fact-based “journalism.” Again, I suggest you not drink anything while reading this article.

I think the thing that animates the show the most right now is our concern for our democracy. … I think it’s incredibly fragile. We, for the first time, had a president not accept the peaceful transfer of power — literally attempt to dispute a lawful election and overturn it.

We had an attempt to do everything from put forward false slates of electors to try to get the vice president of the United States to overturn the will of 160 million voters.

This is the point where I say I’m not going to relitigate the 2020 election, here — which seems to be code to some to relitigate the 2020 election in the comments section — but if Reid is anywhere near the genius she thinks she is, she should realize that Mike Pence wisely refused to “send it back to the states” because such an attempt would have been unconstitutional (14th Amendment, Elector Count Act of 1887).

The point is moot, Joy(less).


Reid laughingly insisted MSNBC is a “wake-up call” against Fox News, and particularly the evil Tucker Carlson, whom she sophomorically calls “Tuckums” on her pathetic show.

Yeah, it’s a wake-up call. Because before you can do anything about this, you have to convince the people who feel comfortable in the status quo that the status quo not only isn’t what they think it is, it isn’t as safe as they think it is, and that they have to fight it. And then to give people the heart to fight it, the will to fight it.

Uh-huh. Lemme fix that: “And then to give people the lies to fight the truth. There, that’s better.

This is quintessential left-wing elitism at its “finest.” People like Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Nicolle Wallace — the loony list is long — actually believe they are right. Not just factually, but morally, as well. Given their faux, self-aggrandizing opinions of themselves, liberals reduce themselves to no-holds-barred campaigns of ridicule, dismissal — and personal destruction if deemed necessary.

Then came the real comedy: Reid’s “journalistic” visions of grandeur. (Put down your drink, now.)

You know, I object to it when people try to say that MSNBC and Fox are the same — they’re not the same. We are a part of NBC News. We’re part of a journalistic outfit [ROFL emoji]. Yes, maybe some of the people who are on air in prime time may have liberal views. [Ya think?]

But none of us share our voting records with one another. You know. We are sharing facts. [BWAHAHAHA] And what we are doing is we’re sharing facts that might be uncomfortable. That might be new to folks. They may not know some of the information that they’re hearing from Rachel Maddow. But it is factual. [Oh, please.]


Joy(less) apparently either “missed” or “forgot” Maddow’s latest “journalistic” bit of “fact-telling.” As we reported in late December, the truth whisperer faced demands to apologize for making false COVID claims.

The hilarity continued, with Reid defining “opinion journalism” for us troglodytes.

I think the key word in opinion journalism is “journalism.” If what you’re saying is factual, then your emotional attachment to it is the opinion piece, right? And it isn’t really opinion.

Wait — huh? (*Rereads the above*) Yeah, no. Of course, Reid’s daily racist diatribes are opinions. Bitter, condescending opinions, at that. To further “prove” her point, she busted out the George Floyd Trayvon Martin cases.

I mean, we covered the George Floyd case, for instance. I had incredible emotion about it. I covered the Trayvon Martin case. I have intense emotion because those people could be my family. Trayvon Martin could have been my kid — was my kid’s age.

But with all of my opinion about the moral case for holding someone accountable for killing an innocent unarmed person, my opinion about that does not detract from the factual nature of what I’m saying. And me saying it in a drier way would not change the facts.

Delusion is a sad sight to behold. Can’t make it up. Any of it. Don’t have to. Any of it.


The bottom line.

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