WATCH: Progressive 'Mask Karens' Attack Maskless Black Man — Then Hit Him With BLM

Along with COVID “vaccinations,” COVID Joe™ Biden has tried his damnedest to unconstitutionally mandate masks; he has pretended to come across as a soft-spoken uber-caring (great) grandfather as another tactic in his obsessive push; and finally, he has attempted to scare us into both, ridiculously warning of a “winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated (soon to dearly-depart) among us.


As a result, in one corner, we have the mask Nazis — or “mask Karens,” as it were — who believe it is their official, solemn duty to police the whole of America, raining down their judgmental moral wrath on every maskless heathen they encounter. In the other corner, we have sane people. Sane, rational people who think for themselves and consider personal risks, as well as the risks of people with underlying conditions.

In this episode of “To Mask or Not to Mask,” our players are two of the first corner and one from second.

In a clip that has gone viral on TikTok, an unmasked Black man — in an elevator — films two rabid mask Karens as they verbally and physically attack him. One of the women screams, “Get out, get out! Do not touch me!” before hitting the man, apparently for not wearing a mask. One of them then pulls her mask down, screaming directly in the poor man’s face. Only in Joe Biden’s America™.

Then it gets even weirder.

In an apparent effort to proactively defend themselves from charges of racism — otherwise, I got nothin’ — the two lunatics begin yelling “Black lives matter,” while attempting to force the man out of the elevator. To his credit, he tells him he was there first — and ain’t leaving until the elevator reaches his desired floor.


The bottom line:

While these Karens took Karen Crazy to a whole nother level, Dr. Doom Fauci, the Democrat Party, and liberal sock-puppet media have hyped the ever-loving crap out all things COVID-19 from the outset. Draconian lockdowns, denying in-person learning to young kids, selective attention to “the science,” ever-moving goalposts, and unwarranted for fear tactics. For two years.

What are we to expect from people who already have one foot on the crazy train?

Science. Yeah.

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