'Existential Threat of Our Time'? UK Bans Sunrooms That Trap 'Unwanted Solar Gain'

'Existential Threat of Our Time'? UK Bans Sunrooms That Trap 'Unwanted Solar Gain'
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Welp, “climate change” — AKA: “global warming,” “climate emergency,” “climate crisis,” “existential threat of our time,” weather — has claimed another victim; this time in the uber politically-correct United Kingdom.

Residential sunrooms, commonly called “conservatories” or “sun traps” in the UK, that fail to meet stringent (and expensive) requirements will no longer be allowed on new construction homes in Great Britain because, according to Daily Mail, they can overheat in “our increasingly warm summers.”

And just how “increasingly warm” are summers in the UK? We’ll get there in a minute.

Beginning in June, all sunrooms included in new construction projects will be required to show they will not create “unwanted solar gain.” The change, noted Daily Mail, is part of “a raft of measures” aimed at “future-proofing” homes against summers where temperatures are predicted to reach 104º F. Though “well above what is currently experienced in Britain,” such highs would “cause conservatories to become unbearably hot, often increasing the temperature uncomfortably indoors too.”

Wait — so would 200 degrees, but so what?

Incidentally, the average daily temperature in the UK in July is 70 degrees. (More than half of the United States just laughed out loud and said “Hold my beer.”)

And not to nitpick, here — but whose business is it to determine whether a sunroom becomes “unbearably hot” or “uncomfortably warm” throughout a particular residential home, anyway — the homeowner or the British government?

Or, perhaps coming to a country near you, America, the federal government?

According to Daily Mail, the objective of the new rules is to “improve domestic ventilation” and “reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent. (I wasn’t aware that sunrooms emit anything — least of which, greenhouse gases.) As a result, window sizes will be limited according to which direction they face and whether the home is likely to overheat. Oh, for the “love” of the British monarchy, please.

Sunrooms that are unheated and separated from the house with exterior walls and doors may be exempt.

Those that do not meet the new specs will face “complex and expensive modeling” to show they will not become too hot in the summer – “limiting the use of trendy floor-to-ceiling glass.” (Why do I think a sizeable portion of those “expensive modeling” costs will end up in the ever-starved coffers of the British government?)

As a result, sunrooms are likely to become a luxury addition to homes and unaffordable to many Brits.

Hell, maybe climate alarmists Leonardo DeCaprio and Al “Polar Ice Caps” Gore can jet to the UK in their private luxury aircraft, build multiple homes with sunrooms each, and provide tours — out of the hypocritical goodness of their hearts — so the common folk can reminisce about the good old days.

Assuming there are any good old days in the UK, that is.

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