Bill Maher Fact-Checks the 'Really Ignorant' COVID Fearmongering of Sonia Sotomayor

Not that anyone has ever falsely accused Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor of being a Mensa member — not to mention a noted expert on all things COVID-19 — but the left-wing justice stepped in her own droppings bigly in early January when she got way out over her politically expedient skis while shilling for one of our hapless dictator’s president’s multiple unconstitutional COVID mandates.


As we reported at the time, Sotomayor’s oral arguments in defense of Biden’s authoritarian-wannabe executive orders were just off the charts silly. Case in point:

Any questions?

Sotomayor went on to spew false claim (lie) after false claim (lie), including demonstrably false gibberish about more than “100,000” COVID-afflicted children in serious condition on ventilators in hospitals across America, and that COVID is a “blood-borne virus.” And other such outlandish bile.

All of it, complete and utter crap.

Needless to say, both the White House and the geniuses of “The View” shamelessly rushed to defend or deflect against the rush of richly-deserved criticism of Sotomayor and her nutjob comments.

But on Friday night, HBO”s “Real Time” host Bill Maher took on Sotomayor and her irresponsible foolishness in earnest, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. So much so that it damn near brought a poignant tear to my conservative face. [teary-eyed emoji]

Maher kicked off the show’s panel discussion by listing all of the COVID restrictions the United Kingdom is dropping — from mask mandates to vaccine passports — and saying: “They’re getting back to normal, we should follow this.”

During a discussion about Sotomayor’s COVID “acumen” with his panelists — Substack journalist Bari Weiss and left-wing loon Democrat Rep. Ritchie Torres (N.Y.) — Maher went full-metal Maher, with a solid dose of cold hard facts for the COVID-fearmongering left.


“I mean, that’s really ignorant for a Supreme Court justice. So don’t be the ‘We’re the people who believe in science,’ but you don’t have the facts!

I read this before, like 41 percent of Democrats last year thought that over 50 percent of people who got COVID were hospitalized. It was less than one percent!

Memo to Bill Maher: When willfully-uninformed (Democrat) lemmings are fed “fake news” crap by the (Democrat) “leaders” and “journalists” they listen to and follow without question, this is what you get, pal.

Maher even went so far as to almost commend Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — although not by name — comparing Florida’s COVID deaths per 100,000 to the states like New York and California, both of which have consistently been among the most locked-down, heavily restricted states in the country since the pandemic began — and ended.

Florida is home to all the old people in America. I was just in Florida. I’ve been there a few times since this started. The atmosphere is just different. I’m not moving to Florida. I’m not promoting Florida. I’m just saying AOC just went to Florida and had a good time without a mask on.

The atmosphere was just night and day from California, which was gloomy […] And you went to Florida and I’m just saying— yes, there are different factors… but basically, they stayed open and went on with life and didn’t do a helluva lot worse and maybe did better.


There is no “maybe” about it.

Maher also tore into the Democrat Party as a whole, and its pathetic response to COVID.

This is I think where Democrats look bad. Like, ‘We’re the people of science’ and then a lot of what they do has nothing to do with science like suggesting you wear masks outside. There’s no science to that.

Or that the virus can get me when I’m walking in a restaurant but not when I’m sitting down. There’s so much mindless bureaucracy! [NBA star and anti-mandate] Kyrie Irving can play on the road but not home games!’ That— it’s just stupid!

C’mon, Bill. You’ve been a lifelong Democrat. You know the Democrats’ game. Your liberal brethren are far from “stupid,” my confused friend. They know exactly what they’re doing — granted, to their own well-deserved detriment — but of course, they know what they’re doing.

The Democrat Party has exploited and lied to — and about — the American people for six decades, in a never-ending quest for more and more control of our daily lives and always with at least one eye on the ballot box.

Maher’s problem with today’s Democrat Party is his realization that they have further reduced themselves to narrative over reality — approval ratings, and public support for their ridiculous positions be damned.

The ugly truth?

From the White House to the no-longer-hallowed halls of Congress, Democrat leaders are irrationally terrified of pissing off know-nothing, America-hating lightweights like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. Let us hope they continue in that fear.


And disillusioned Bill Maher continues to try to close the gate after the crazies got out.

So sad. Said the conservative pundit, with a satisfied grin on his face.

**Warning: strong language**


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