As Tensions Mount With Russia, Cruz Drop-Kicks 'Pitiful' Joe Biden Into the Middle of Next Week

As Tensions Mount With Russia, Cruz Drop-Kicks 'Pitiful' Joe Biden Into the Middle of Next Week
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As is usually the case when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Proud State of Texas) goes after anyone, this one was over before it began. Razor-sharp Cruz: 1, Mumbles™ Biden: 0, final score. Thanks for playing.

As tensions continue to mount over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, RedState reported on Saturday morning that the U.S. State Department has ordered families of U.S. embassy personnel in Ukraine to begin evacuating the country as early as Monday.

Incidentally, Americans purposely abandoned by Biden behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan were unavailable for comment — but I, for one, will never stop reminding America about that inexcusable despicable decision by our so-called “commander in chief.”

Anyway, on Friday, during an appearance on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Cruz completely blistered the hapless Biden and his lack of effective response to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s direct threat to Ukraine, a former “property” of the Soviet Union — which Ronald Reagan correctly predicted would end of up on “the ash heap of history.”

As transcribed by Breitbart, Cruz described Biden as in “over his head,” and said the hapless occupant of the Oval Office continues to demonstrate “weakness” on the international stage.

Look, I got to say, it’s pitiful. It almost makes you feel sorry for him. [Ted’s operative word was “almost.”] He is in so over his head. If you look at what Biden has done on Russia, it’s the same thing he’s done on China, it’s the same thing he’s done on Iran, it’s the same thing he’s done with the Taliban, which is he’s shown weakness.

He surrendered to Vladimir Putin. Just last week, I forced a vote in the U.S. Senate to impose sanctions on Russia to stop the Russian pipeline from Russia to Germany, Nord Stream 2. That was sanctions legislation, bipartisan legislation I authored we passed into law, Donald Trump signed it into law. We shut that pipeline down.

Ooh, I bet that left a mark. No matter — Joe’s probably off somewhere talking to (imaginary) Corn Pop.

As you might recall, Biden waived the aforementioned sanctions — with consequences — upon his occupation of the White House, as Cruz duly noted to Laura Ingraham:

When Joe Biden got elected, he waived those sanctions, gave a multi-trillion-dollar gift to Putin. And it is why there are Russian troops and Russian tanks on the border of Ukraine right now because Biden has been so weak, he has surrendered essentially to Putin.

And that’s why he didn’t want to answer questions on it because you can’t defend what — when Biden stands up and essentially says, well, maybe a little invasion of Ukraine — I mean, you know, what’s a few tanks between friends? That’s really sad to see an American president demonstrate that much weakness.

It’s way beyond sad at this point. Again, see: “Afghanistan.” Hell, Biden makes Barack “Red Line” Obama look like Gen. George Patton. I mean even paper tigers look at Biden and say, “Hold my beer.”

The bottom line:

Ted Cruz — and everyone else who sees the ever-increasing danger created on the international stage by a hapless buffoon who spends most of his waking (when coherent) hours railing about “winter of severe illness and death” nonsense and COVID vaccines — couldn’t be more spot-on.

The bad news: The “pitiful,” “in over his head” president of the United States will forever remain pitiful and in over his head.

After all, he’s Joe Biden — what else would you expect?

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Editor’s note: this article was edited for clarity after publication.

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