Biden Might Not Have 'Time to Think' but He HAS Spent 25 Percent of His Failed Presidency on Vacation

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I’m reluctant to say it. Again. But I can’t help it. You can’t make this stuff up.

White House press secretary Jen Circle-Back Psaki on Wednesday claimed that our intrepid president has “no free time or time to think.” But Corn Pop’s pal has, through sheer determination, managed to “eke” out 25 percent of his time in office to go on vacation. Spoiler: Having enough time to think is not Joe’s problem.


Psaki said during her Wednesday press briefing  — with a straight face, mind you — Biden thinks he needs more downtime [ROFL emoji]; despite the fact that he’s spent more than a quarter of his time in office at one of his Delaware homes, as reported by The New York Post.

I know the president doesn’t have public events today. He does have a number of meetings with policy teams and that’s often what he’s doing behind the scenes.

This part was particularly hilarious:

If he were standing here today — which I know he’s always invited, is what you guys will say, but he would say we never give him any free time or any time to think. And that is probably true.

Let me know when you’ve stopped laughing.

So let’s break it down.

Through Wednesday, as reported by The National Pulse, Biden had spent 95 of his 348 days as the occupant of the Oval Office on vacation, mostly in Delaware. Moreover, he has done so despite crisis after self-created crisis, from the Biden Border Crisis to the Biden Oil and Gas Crisis to the Biden Afghanistan Crisis to Bidenflation and on. Simply, the Biden presidency has been an unmitigated purposely-created disaster since Day One. Worse? There is no end to the incompetency in sight.


Here’s a refresher, via The Pulse:

By October 2021, Biden had sought refuge in Delaware at least 25 times. Only on one vacation did he take time away from relaxing to do his job, when he visited Dover Air Force Base for the homecoming of the 11 service members killed in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. The service members were murdered in the terror attack during Biden’s failed exit from Afghanistan and Biden was mostly noted for repeatedly checking his watch that day, for when he could leave.

Biden choosing to vacation during the fall of Kabul is just one example, noted The Pulse, of the many times the “Leader of the Free World” has disappeared during a major international crisis.

At the top of the list of other examples has been the out-of-control surge of illegal aliens into America — which continues unabated with no signs of being stopped. 

Instead of visiting the now-porous southern border and seeing first-hand what he and he alone created, including rampant human smuggling and trafficking, Biden went on vacation. Multiple times. As The Pulse further noted, this inept president has overseen a more than 110 percent increase in apprehensions of unaccompanied minors along the Mexican border.

But, hey — there are far more important things to tend to. Like walking on the beach with the good “doctor” and the family dog — while ridiculously wearing a mask.


But even when Biden is in the White House, reported The Post, his exchanges with reporters are almost nonexistent. He has granted far fewer interviews according to data kept by political scientist Martha Kumar.

As of Nov. 30, Biden gave just 18 interviews. Over a comparable period in their first years as president, Trump sat down for 89 interviews and Barack Obama gave 141 interviews.

When asked about the CDC policy amid the current spike in COVID cases, Biden replied: “I’ll be talking to you about that, later.” Uh-huh. Sure he will. And on Wednesday as he prepared to deliver a Thursday speech at the Capitol on the anniversary of a subject I will not mention, Psaki said of her boss:

That is a big part of his day today. He is obviously very personally involved in what he’s going to say tomorrow.

Of course, he was, and so he will remain.

Joe Biden has been a quintessential Democrat opportunist driven solely by political expediency throughout his almost 50 years in Washington, D.C. He has accomplished virtually nothing, but sure as hell has tried to steal as much credit from others as he could. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. His steady decline in mental acuity remains an increasingly clear and present danger to America. End of story.


What a perfect time for another vacation.

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