Economist Glenn Loury: 'We Need a Lot' of Indians, Asians to Offset 'Mediocre, Laggardly' American Workers

Economist Glenn Loury: 'We Need a Lot' of Indians, Asians to Offset 'Mediocre, Laggardly' American Workers
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Here we go. Noted economist Glenn Loury strikes once again, with deadly accuracy.

As we reported in mid-December, the Harvard professor of history needed just 105 seconds to burn the “white supremacy” lie to the ground. Good news: Loury is back. And this time, he dropped some hard truths on the American education system and the decline in the work ethic of millions of Americans.

“I think we need these [Asian] people,” Loury said in a December 20 conversation with University of Pennsylvania professor Amy Wax, a noted law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, as reported by Breitbart.

He continued (emphasis mine):

Let them come. I mean, in fact, that’s the only way we’re going to survive the challenge of the Chinese behemoth going forward another generation or two, because if I look at what’s going on in the legacy population — white and black — of the United States of America,

I see a lot of mediocrity, I see a lot of laggardliness, I see a lot of decay and corruption and so forth, of people not realizing the full human potential […] I don’t know what the alternative is.

Thoughts? Straight talk, for sure. But is Loury right? I report, you decide.

Wax was surprised by Loury’s comments, noted Breitbart.“Think about what you’re saying,” she responded.

Glenn, we’ve got the whole heartland! We can’t just kind of give up … [on] this whole heartland population, okay? This is the population, the descendants of people that built this country, that conceived this country, that thought of the basic compact and the basic paradigm and the fundamental ideas of this country for a couple of centuries.

Loury remained steadfast in his argument:

I heard this argument against the visas — what do they call them? H-1B or something like that? The special visas that they give companies the right to use, to bring talent in, say software engineers from South Asia, whatever.

This guy, I don’t want to name him, but he’s a relatively prominent defender of the American nationalist interest against the immigration of talent. He says, “I’ll tell you what: When Google and Microsoft can tell me who is the smartest kid coming out of the black ghetto of Oakland, or East Palo Alto […] [and] they tell me he’s not up to snuff, I’ll give them a visa to bring somebody in from South Asia. […]

He meant “I know the talent is there, there are diamonds in the rough, and they’re not looking for him and they don’t have any incentive to look for him because they’ve got an easy safety valve [with the visa workers].”

Loury suggested that the “threat” of Asian workers might sufficiently jolt America’s private sector and public education system to “find ways of bringing that human potential out in our domestic population.”

Maybe if the private sector didn’t have that safety valve of being able to go offshore for their talent, they’d be involved in school committee elections, they’d be involved in developing curricula, they’d be involved in innovative supplements to the K-to-12 education that people are not getting in the classroom and find ways of bringing that that human potential out in our domestic population. I would be for that.

He continued to press:

What would be wrong with having a lot of Chinese or Indian or Korean engineers, physicians, computer scientists, and whatnot, running around here creating value, enlivening the society? I don’t see how we lose from that.

What the left completely misses is the reality that Democrat programs and policies — some of which began six decades ago with Lyndon B. Johnson’s miserable failure, the War on Poverty — have been largely responsible for the decline in the work ethic inherent in various segments of American society.

And those programs and policies have continued, most recently with Biden continuing to pay people to sit at home during COVID — long after the pandemic as we knew it had passed. Moreover, in November, a record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs. In September, a then-record 4.4 million Americans walked away from their jobs.

Irish playwright and political activist George Bernard Shaw said it best: “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”

That, gang, is the essence of the Democrat Party. And the real hell of it? Democrats know it. The Democrat Party has proven for decades that everything it supports or opposes can be connected to the ballot box with no more than two dots, which means, in this case, winning elections at all costs; even to the detriment of the work ethic among untold millions of Americans.

Whether or not Glenn Loury’s solution is in the best interest of the country remains an open question.

With the Biden Border Crisis continuing unabated, Loury’s take might not sit well with conservatives who see the Democrats attempting to permanently change the demographics of America before our very eyes. That said, when we reach a point where the left tells us that focusing on the correct answer in math is racist, where exactly are we headed? The left’s list of “low expectations” only continues to grow.

See: ballot box.

Here’s the entire, lengthy interview, from “The Glenn Show” YouTube channel:

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