Joe Biden Has a Memory Problem

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We’ve said it countless times over the last couple of years. Joe Biden is in cognitive decline. All it takes is a couple of YouTube videos from even just a few years ago to clearly prove it. This president’s lack of mental acuity is in rapid decline and as a result, he has become a danger to this country. That is not hyperbole.


As we reported Wednesday, Biden’s COVID speech was an unmitigated disaster. He told lie after lie, of course — he’s always lied; for nearly 50 years in D.C. — but, as former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer pointed out in a Thursday tweet, Biden appeared not only to forget that he said in September he would provide 300 million COVID test kits but in addition, Fleischer noted Biden doesn’t remember that his generals told him to leave 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. They did.

So, what is that? Dunno. I’m not a doctor, nor, reportedly, has Biden (at least as president) taken a cognitive test, but I did watch my mother’s mental acuity slip away and she displayed symptoms similar to Biden’s. She’d swear she hadn’t told me something she had told me five times. Conversely, she’d swear she had told me something she had not. Ultimately, we lost my mom to Alzheimer’s Disease.


We’ve laughed along the way at some of Biden’s goofier moments, for sure.

From declaring during the 2020 presidential campaign that every American has a right to “Badakathcare” to declaring “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure,” to forgetting the name of his Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, Corn Pop’s pal’s list goes on.

But when the President of the United States is advised by the U.S. military to leave 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and not only doesn’t do it; he claims he was told no such thing, or when he can’t remember what he said to whom about 300 million COVID test kits — Houston, we have a yuuge problem. We’re literally talking about the life or death of Americans impacted by his memory loss, which Fleischer noted, as well.

So, what to do? One can understand — which is not to say agree with — the Democrats’ predicament leading up to their national convention in 2020. Socialist Bernie Sanders in January 2020 looked like he might win the nomination, which would have been a disaster for Democrats in November.


But after Biden handily won South Carolina in February, the Democrats quickly circled their wagons around him and propelled him to the nomination with only one goal in mind: Beat Donald Trump.

Similarly, Kamala Harris was chosen for the veep slot because, a: she’s a woman, and, b: she’s (mostly) Black. Nothing else about Harris mattered. It still doesn’t and neither does Harris.

2020 mission accomplished, less than a year into Biden’s disastrous presidency, the Democrat Party increasingly finds itself in a helluva mess: a mentally-declining president and an absolute airhead in the two-spot. Again, what to do?

By all appearances, the Democrats are desperately trying to hold Biden together — with duct tape and twine if necessary — at least until 2024. God knows the alternative, should Biden voluntarily step down or be shuttled out the door via the 25th Amendment. Given that terrifying reality, what happens over the next three years? Particularly assuming a continuing steady decline in Biden’s cognitive ability?

A true minder for the President of the United States? A de facto president behind the scenes? A caretaker agreement that includes the pretend doctor — Jill, not Fauci — for the sake and stability of the country?


Tough questions with even tougher potential answers. But one thing is certain. Joe Biden has a memory problem. And that memory problem potentially threatens us all, America.

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