Peevish Pelosi Vows 'Build Back Better' 2.0 After Manchin Sticks Fork in Socialist Monstrosity

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Now that Joe Manchin has put the final nail in the coffin of the Democrats’ utopian scam, laughably misnomered “Build Back Better,” and the worst hissy fits have been hissed, Nancy Pelosi vowed late Sunday evening to revive the stinking carcass, slap some lipstick on it, and give it another shot. ASAP.


“Dose of optimism”? No. Not even close. Act of desperation. Pelosi, while a peevish bitter wench, is not stupid. Far from it. She is fully aware that the Biden presidency is not only on the line; it is on life support.

In a statement provided to PolticusUSA, the ever-peevish Pelosi once again lied her head off about BBB, spewing the same old worn-out talking points and continuing to prove how out of touch the Democrat Party remains with the heart of America. (Emphasis and bracketed snark, mine.)

First and foremost, our work For The People [ROFL emoji] demands that we stay at the table to pass the Build Back Better Act. While it is disappointing that we may not have a law by the end of the year, we are hopeful that we will soon reach agreement so that this vital legislation [that would destroy America as we know it] can pass as soon as possible next year.

For weeks, we have had House-Senate-White House agreement on the fundamental framework [nonsense, by Pelosi’s definition] of Build Back Better. We have always tried to prioritize the most critical provisions when crafting this legislation:

Extending the Biden Child Tax Credit, investing in family care, securing universal pre-K and child care [and block faith-based facilities from participation], expanding home health care, strengthening the Affordable Care Act [force even more government control of the healthcare industry] and taking historic steps to combat the climate crisis, [AKA: “The existential threat of our time”], which are not only necessary but urgent.


Stop the tape.

Much of the histrionic hyperbole blathered by Democrat lawmakers and the liberal lapdog media on Sunday centered on climate change and how Joe Manchin — one guy — had just pushed Planet Earth to the edge of extinction. Let’s pretend the ridiculous assertion is even close to the same zip code as reality.

If so, why didn’t the Democrats strip billions of dollars from BBB earmarked for socialist expansion of the federal government and massive wealth redistribution, and attempt to pass a “planet-saving” bill alone after running into opposition? I got this one. Because there is no existential threat and they know it.

Pelosi continued:

What all these provisions have in common is that they lower costs. [ROFL emoji. Botox-seepage into the brain? Delusional? Baldfaced lying?]

Build Back Better is a strong cost-cutting, inflation-fighting package: slashing the burdensome costs of health care, child care, family care, energy and so much more. [10 ROFL emojis]

Indeed, this transformative [socialist] legislation meets the needs of our working families by lowering costs [wrong], cutting taxes [wrong] and creating jobs [the government does not create jobs] – and is fully paid for [she’s lying and she knows it] by making the wealthiest and corporations pay their fair share. [“Fair share” as defined by whom?]


As an aside, although relevant, legendary former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and now Fox Sports NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw was once asked by then “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno why he had so much trouble maintaining relationships with women. “Jay,” Terry said, grinning, “I just can’t not lie.”

Nancy Pelosi can’t not lie. Joe Biden can’t not lie. The entirety of the Democrat Party can’t not lie.

(CNN and MSNBC were unavailable for comment.)

The bottom line:

Nancy Pelosi is fully aware that as BBB and Biden go, so goes Democrat majorities in both chambers of Congress in 2022. So goes the White House in 2024.

And in the crevasses of her pickled brain she doesn’t like to visit in the middle of the night?

Donald Trump lives there. Grinning at her, ear to ear.

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