Lincoln Project Founder's Choice for 2024 GOP Nominee Is 'Utterly Desperate' — No, Really

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This storyline reads like the script of a cheap made-for-TV movie. Don’t I say I didn’t warn you.

With the 2022 midterm elections less than a year away and the consensus that the Democrat Party will get its a** handed to it in both the House and Senate after two years of Biden, attention is increasingly turning to the big enchilada — the 2024 presidential election.


Unfortunately for the Democrats, the choices they face for their nominee are laughable.

In that laughability, the top two options as we speak appear to be a man who will be 82 years old in November 2024 — whose mental acuity continues to drop faster than the number of Mickey D’s fries in a bag on Michael Moore’s lap — and an even worse choice.

Let’s be honest. Can you imagine this guy’s mental state three years from now — when his minders already hold their collective breath every time he opens his addled mouth in public? So then what, for the Dems?

A woman whose only qualifications to be vice president were her gender and the color of her skin. Put simply, what Biden is to declining octogenarians, Kamala Harris is to all-hat-and-no-cattle, pretend-cowboys, as they say in Texas. Moreover, when she dons that hat, there’s nothing of substance going on under it.

That brings us to the Republicans.

Anyone who pays a modicum of attention to presidential politics knows Donald Trump has all but announced he will run in 2024. If he does, his candidacy will preclude any Republican with post-Trump presidential aspirations — Ron DeSantis, Tom Cotton, et al. — from entering the field, although it would not necessarily stop someone like former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who claims he turned down seven job offers from Trump, from primarying Trump, which he continues to suggest he will do.


Here’s where it gets crazy.

The primary determinant in whom someone endorses for the nominee of his or her party in every election, most importantly, presidential elections, should be electability and alignment with his or her own political views. That is not always the case, nor will it be the case in 2024, as “some” plan to “settle the score” of 2020, while others are already well out over their skis and thinking this thing through way too much.

What follows is a case of the latter.

As most of us are beyond aware, The Lincoln Project was created in vehement opposition to President Donald Trump. Yuuge opposition. Damn near an understatement. Lest you’re unaware:

The left-wing PAC, founded by disgruntled former Republicans, has regularly called Trump a coward, a loser, an authoritarian, a clear and present danger to national security, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and far worse — much of it unprintable.

Illogical and unfounded? In my mind, as is true of most visceral feelings — good or bad — of course.

That said, it just got worse.

As reported by Fox News on Friday, Lincoln Projector co-founder Rick Wilson has announced his choice for the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, America, which — if you’re like me — I’m sure you await to learn with bated breath. Ready? OK — time to suspend disbelief, gang.


Rick Wilson, of all grifting haters, has announced he wants Donald Trump to not only run for president in 2024, he also wants the guy to win the Republican nomination.

Logical? In Wilson’s TDS-obsessed mind? Apparently so. In reality? Oh, hell no. Naturally, the question that begs to be asked is WTF? What the hell is going on, here?

Let’s let Wilson answer that question in his own demented way.

The people who think we want Trump back in 2024 for any reason other than killing off his vile, repugnant cult and driving it into the dustbin of history display the same failure of imagination they always have.

“We want Trump to kill his own babies,” Wilson said. “We believe if we narrow the field and it’s only Trump in 2024, it’s an easy choice for Americans to say ‘no.'”

How does a sane person respond to the above, in all its venom? Particularly when poll after poll shows Trump winning the 2024 GOP nomination in a walk if he enters the race. Moreover, at least one recent poll showed him winning a Trump-Biden rematch by double digits if that matchup occurred today.


Here’s the thing. Other than MSNBC’s Joy Reid, no public figure comes to (my) mind at the moment who even approaches the level of bitter bile of this attention whore. As is always the case, Wilson’s mini-hate fest here says a helluva lot more about Rick Wilson than about Donald Trump.

Sarah Lenti, a former Lincoln Project executive director, who left the group this year, is disgusted by Wilson and his “logic,” noted Fox News. (Emphasis, mine)

“Wait, what happened to their higher calling? If Trump was damaging to the country in 2019, why wish that on the American people today? If democracy was and is truly at stake, why play with fire?

“Their goading of Trump is reckless, disgustingly unpatriotic, and utterly desperate. And, like Trump, their greed and desire to be relevant supersedes what is best for America.”

Ooh, nice.

Meanwhile, like one of those little ankle-biting dogs you’d like to kick across the room — I’m kidding, dog people — Wilson and his band of deranged power-broker-wannabes continue to try to nip at Trump’s ankles at every opportunity, as was the case, below.

“Next week, Palm Beach televisions, perhaps including those in Mar-a-Lago, will once again air a commercial by the Lincoln Project intended to remind Trump that DeSantis is the new GOP ‘it’ guy.”


While that prediction remains to be seen, one thing is certain (he said, tongue planted firmly in cheek). I’m sure Trump shook in his boots when (if) he saw that commercial. And I don’t mean that in reference to Ron DeSantis. Lincoln Project? You. Don’t. Matter.

Finally, a word or two about Never-Trumpers vs. Always-Trumpers, which is always a — ahem — “hit.”

Never-Trump Republicans, not to be confused with Trump Derangement Syndrome Democrats, believe Donald Trump can do no right. Ever. Trump could singlehandedly cure cancer, and the Never-Trumpers would skewer him for putting oncologists out of work. The same silly mindset applies to COVID.

On the flip-side, Always-Trumpers believe Trump can do no wrong. Ever. He never could. We saw it for more than five years, and we continue to see it as we speak. Trump can do, say, or tweet (ah, the “good” ol’ days) anything, and Always-Trumpers rush to defend, justify, rationalize, minimize, dismiss, or outright ignore it — to the point of perfectly intelligent people turning themselves into ridiculous pretzels.


Newsflash: Both sides are full of crap. Nobody is always right or always wrong. Period.

It remains amusing as hell to me that “nobody” wants to admit being a member of either group. Also amusing to me, is I know who you are if you’re in my political sphere: you wear your label on your forehead daily.

Meanwhile, Rick Wilson remains a deranged lunatic.


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