Biden Considers Killing Another US Pipeline as Oil Crisis Continues

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As gas prices continue to skyrocket and the feckless President of the United States continues to blame Russia and OPEC for the U.S. oil shortage he and he alone created — on purpose — on day one of his installation in the Oval Office, by killing the Keystone XL Pipeline.


Joe Biden is weighing shutting down another oil pipeline, which would all but guarantee further increased fuel prices in the affected region.

As reported by Daily Wire, the Biden administration is reportedly gathering data on a Michigan-based pipeline that delivers oil from western Canada across Wisconsin, the Great Lakes, and Michigan, and into Ontario.

Citing a report from subscription-based Politico Pro, Daily Wire said the administration has not yet made a final decision about the pipeline, which comes after the Canadian government invoked an old international treaty to stop the state of Michigan from shutting down the pipeline. Via Politico Pro:

Revoking the permits for the [Line 5] pipeline that delivers oil from western Canada across Wisconsin, the Great Lakes and Michigan and into Ontario, would please environmentalists who have urged the White House to block fossil fuel infrastructure, but it would aggravate a rift with Canada and could exacerbate a spike in energy prices […].

Killing a pipeline while U.S. gasoline prices are the highest in years could be political poison for Biden, who has seen his approval rating crash in recent months.


To that last point, as is the case with every one of his self-created crises, Biden doesn’t seem to give a damn — or no longer has the mental acuity to comprehend — what’s “political poison” and what’s not to his disastrous presidency, as his approval ratings continue to swirl down the toilet at breakneck speed, as we previously reported.

Throw in blatant hypocrisy and examples abound. For example, Biden has done everything he thought he could, in several instances to the point of unconstitutionality, such as flirting with national vaccine mandates, only to later pull back and attempt to use OSHA to impose vaccine and/or testing mandates on companies with 100 or more employees. Yet? COVID-positive illegal aliens not only continue to stream across the southern border; they are subsequently and promptly shipped across the country in the dead of night. But I digress.

As to the Michigan pipeline, according to Politico Pro, the impact from shutting it down would be “yuuge.”

(Emphasis, mine.)

Industry and environmental groups have argued over the impact that shutting down the pipeline would have on the region. Line 5 carries crude oil to a number of refineries in the area, both in the United States and Canada, and its owner, pipeline operator Enbridge, estimates it is responsible for supplying more than half the propane used for heating in northern Michigan.

Prices for propane in Michigan have surged by 50 percent from a year ago, according to U.S. government statistics.

In contrast to the never-completed Keystone XL pipeline project, Line 5 has been operating since the 1950s and is a major energy supplier to Michigan and the region.


What publishable descriptors can we use for Biden, considering the above facts? This guy continues to prove he’s little more than the organ grinder monkey of the radical left, as he does their bidding, seemingly without question, obviously without conscience — if not completely plagued by incoherence.

Incidentally, as reported by my RedState colleague Nick Arama on Friday, Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm — ironically, also the former governor of Michigan — laughed out loud when asked about the administration’s “plan” to help bring down gas prices: “HAHAHAHA — That is hilarious!”

Joe Biden continues to foolish tilt at made-up windmill after made-up windmill, as the reality of Biden’s America™ continues to grow more ominous as he panders to — and for — his far-left puppetmasters.


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