Gold Star Dad Has a Few Thoughts on Biden's Million-Dollar Handout to Illegal Alien Families

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As you’re no doubt well aware, our intrepid president has concocted his most ridiculously obscene scam yet as part of his never-ending pander-fest to Hispanic Americans (Hispanic votes): paying illegal alien families separated during the Trump administration around $450,000 per person or nearly $1 million per family.


As I’ve suggested on multiple occasions, it’s almost like Biden purposely alienates as many American citizens as he possibly can — and not just on the Republican side of the aisle. Currently, this scheme is somewhere near the top of his greatest hits list.

Just ask Gold Star father David Horton, whose son, Army Spc. Christopher Horton, was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.

Horton ripped Biden during a “Fox & Friends” interview on Sunday, declaring the plan “an insult” that disrespects military families.

Before we continue, in contrast to the $450,000 to $1 million Biden wants to just hand to illegal aliens, the survivors of fallen service members, or other individuals identified by the service member prior to his or her death, receive a $100,000 tax-exempt “death gratuity” from the Department of Defense. Additionally, service members have the option to buy a maximum of $400,000 of life insurance death benefit.

Yes, if you’re doing the math at home, you see that you’re far better off breaking U.S. immigration laws and illegally sneaking into the country than by paying the ultimate sacrifice by giving your life for the very same country. Is there any wonder Mr. Horton and other Gold Star families are angry and insulted?


“I think it’s another — yet another insult … against our military families and Gold Star families and veterans’ families,” Horton said, as reported by Fox News. “It’s just another slap in the face. It’s completely disrespectful.”

He continued:

“To compare an illegal person who has broken our country’s border laws … they’ve broken the law coming in on our borders and to compare that with someone, a patriot like my son, who gave his all on the battlefield of Afghanistan, and to just say, ‘Oh well, the value is more for someone who has broken our laws’ … and now to say, ‘Oh, we owe you money — and it’s more money than we would pay a patriot — I am outraged.”

Here’s the ugly little secret. Joe Biden and the Democrat Party don’t give a damn about Mr. Horton’s outrage — nor the outrage of anyone else about Biden’s gratuitous handout, or anything else the Democrat Party does. What they very much care about is the voting booth and doing whatever it takes to buy the Hispanic vote — including, they believe, the future votes of illegal aliens who continue to flow into the country.


The bottom line, Mr. Horton, is you don’t matter.

If Biden’s plan becomes a reality, the total cost could top $1 billion, noted Fox News.

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