Bizarre UN Video Warns Humans About Coming 'Climate Disaster' Extinction

As the target-rich environment for conservative political pundits continues, I often say the articles and op-eds sometimes write themselves. This is one of those times, as the headline suggests.


Better yet, this is one of those “stranger-than-true” articles. Toss in the United Nations and we have a sure “winner.”

In a truly bizarre video released by the United Nations Development Programme on Wednesday, a talking computer-generated dinosaur warns humans that they must take urgent action to avoid what our histrionic friends in the Democrat Party are fond of calling “the existential threat of our time” — climate change (or whatever they’re now calling it) action to avoid extinction.

Yes, the extinction of mankind is apparently right around the global warming corner if we don’t get our climate-changing asses in gear and stop being mean to the planet and our environment before we enter into irreversible climate armageddon.

And of course, the talking dinosaur has a name: Frankie the Dino. You can’t make this shi crap up.

Here’s Frankie, as transcribed by The Blaze:

“You’re headed for a climate disaster. And yet every year governments spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies.”

Frankie also works in a guilt trip about people living in poverty around the world.


“Think of all the other things you could do with that money. Around the world, people are living in poverty. Don’t you think helping them would make more sense than, I don’t know, paying for the demise of your entire species?!”

Corny, huh? Just wait.

Frankie then tries to help stupid humans create climate-change urgency before it’s too late.

“So here’s my wild idea: Don’t choose extinction. Save your species before it’s too late. It’s time for you humans to stop makin’ excuses and start makin’ changes.”

Nice touch with the “makin'” thing, huh? You know, friendly and informal like.

Even cornier, Frankie receives a standing ovation from the audience in the U.N. General Assembly Hall.

The first, most obvious question is who in the hell is this video for? Who’s it supposed to appeal to? Kids or adults? Regardless, given that evil climate deniers abound, does the UN really think a CGI talking dinosaur is going to cause the aforementioned evil humans to experience a climate epiphany — and awaken in the nick of time? Dunno — we’re talking about the UN, here.

In a press release titled Dinosaur Urges World Leaders Not To ‘Choose Extinction’ at United Nations, the United Nations Development Programme described its new Don’t Choose Extinction Campaign.


“UNDP’s ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign and film aim to shine a spotlight on fossil fuel subsidies and how they are canceling out significant progress towards ending climate change and are driving inequality by benefitting the rich.”

I don’t want to rain on the Don’t Choose Extinction Campaign — of course I do, with glee — but the press release is corny as hell, too. Here’s a snippet:

“At least we had an asteroid,” the carnivorous critter warns, referring to the popular theory explaining dinosaurs’ extinction 70 million years ago. “What’s your excuse?”

Straighten up, human beings. Before it’s too late.

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