Snowflake Students 'Uncomfortable and Scared' After University Scholar-in-Residence Blasts Bi-Sexual Superman

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The Saga Continues…

The saga, that is, of bi-sexual Superman. More precisely, “Jon Kent” — the latest iteration of the Man of Steel — might be doing just fine in his new “skin” but for us non-residents of Metropolis, all hell continues to break loose — which is both hilarious and ridiculous, depending on which side one finds him or herself.


Toss in “insensitive” Sophia Nelson, a Scholar-in-Residence at Christopher Newport University in Virginia (CNU), who blasted the new (and definitely not improved) Superman, “outraged” students, and a weasely university president prostrating himself before the snowflake students, and we’re talking full-metal hell.

Nelson kicked off the ridiculous firestorm with a now-deleted tweet, as reported by The Blaze:

” Smdh. I don’t get why this is necessary. I don’t! What if Christian parents of children reading comic books don’t want their kids exposed to bi-sexual characters? This is being pushed on kids. Then parents have to explain it. Most cannot!”

Ooh, not good, Ms. Nelson. We mustn’t drop truth on the left — particularly on left-wing snowflakes.

Like clockwork, students within the LGBTQ community, as well as allies and professors, gathered on Monday, as reported by WTKR-TV, to “raise awareness, ask for more visibility, equity, and for their voices to be heard.” They say they are hurt and offended by Nelson’s comments, and many are asking for the university to fire her.

“How does it make you feel? Is it enough to evoke change?” said one student from a megaphone.

“We will keep fighting for our rights. Our rights are human rights,” yelled another student on the campus’s Great Lawn.

“I felt outraged because representation is such a huge thing,” said junior Fern Stockton. “I thought it was huge for one of the characters to be bisexual.”


One butt-hur outraged student — sophomore Abigail Honeycutt — told WTKR that Nelson’s comments proved CNU is “not a community of excellence.”

“Reading her tweet, we felt uncomfortable and scared in a place we are supposed to call our home I was sad and angry, and I would want the university to publicly denounce her actions. It’s not what we stand for. It’s not a community of excellence.”

Behold the “homophobic, bi-phobic, whatever-phobic” Scholar-in-Residence, the evil Sophia Nelson.

Christopher Newport University President Paul Trible folded up like a cheap lawn chair, prostrating himself before the cancel-culture altar and releasing a long statement promising to change CNU policies (groveling) to appease the students hurt by the tweet. Per The Blaze:

Christopher Newport intentionally creates and values our community of diversity, equity and inclusion. We have a powerful University statement about that. It is at the heart of who we are.

We also value and protect freedom of speech, and have a powerful statement about that as well. Upholding that freedom is most important when it is hard – when ideas conflict and opinions differ fiercely. In this moment it is important that we live into both of these university commitments.


Trible said Nelson would be brought to the campus (summoned, as it were, to a CNU witch hunt) “in order to have an open dialogue about her beliefs with the students she hurt with a tweet.”

She will have an opportunity to share who she is, her views and opinions, and her heart. She will talk about why she tweeted what she did. We will listen. And we will share our views, opinions, and hearts – the pain, the anger, and the questions.

She will listen. She will learn what it means to be a part of this community. Everyone may never agree, but we will support our LGBTQ+ students and colleagues, listen, and talk, and learn how to be different, together. [Meaning, keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself if you disagree with the radical left.]

Unlike the spineless university president, Nelson stood up for not only herself; she also stood up for freedom of speech — freedom of thought — and against the insanity of cancel-culture bullcrap.

We are cannibalizing one another with #CancelCulture it has to stop or I promise you in a decade or less America will no longer be America. It’s bullying. They are mean, nasty bullies. Vicious with their words, with intimidation and hatred in their hearts.

And there is no excuse for ever bullying another human being because they made a mistake, messed up, misspoke, were just caught being simply human.

There is a wave coming. A movement of sick and tired Americans. Tired of being pushed around and bullied, canceled, targeted, harassed for our faith beliefs, for our values, for our free thought and free speech.


(Nelson has restricted her tweets, which now generate the familiar Twitter message: “You’re unable to view this tweet because this account owner limits who can view their tweets.”) Cheerled by CNN and MSNBC.

Finally, I was somewhat torn about writing this all-too-familiar article. We see this kind of ridiculous crap on a regular basis; someone says something — usually innocuous — that sets off the cancel-culture-riddled left, who in turn lose their crap in fits of hyperbolic hysteria — and the band plays on. Then again, I feel a sense of responsibility to spotlight such nonsense when I can.

People like Sophia Nelson should be defended at every opportunity; fools like the “uncomfortable and scared” students of Christopher Newport University and the school’s pathetic president should be exposed for what they are — as often as possible.

Cancel-culture crap must be called out. And it must be defeated.

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