Impassioned Scalise Shreds Biden's Priorities as Afghanistan Worsens, Border Crisis Remains out of Control

Impassioned Scalise Shreds Biden's Priorities as Afghanistan Worsens, Border Crisis Remains out of Control
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House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) blistered Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and House Democrats in an impassioned floor speech on Tuesday, shredding their twisted priorities while the Biden-created Afghanistan debacle continues to worsen and the Biden Border Crisis™ rages on, virtually unabated.

Scalise teed off on the Democrats for “ramming through” Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion “liberal fantasy spending bill”; while ignoring the disastrous implosion of the Biden administration and what it ominously portends not only for America; but for the world as a whole. With the full support of the Left’s organ grinder monkey.

As reported by Fox News, it was go-time against the Democrats for Scalise — beginning with the hapless, seemingly delusional president of the United States.

“President Biden should be the President of the United States, not bowing to terrorists. Not bowing to anybody except committing that he’ll get all Americans out instead of living by some artificial deadline.

“Every ounce of his energy ought to be focused between now and next Tuesday, the date he set, and the date the Taliban set. Every minute he ought to be spending between now and next Tuesday to get all Americans out.”

As we reported, Tuesday was another disastrous day for Biden — and by extension, America — as he once again listlessly shuffled out to his podium and teleprompter — five hours latecaved in to the Taliban, couldn’t even explain why he chose Kamala Harris as his vice president, and made an even worse mess of everything — exactly what he does every time he opens his addled mouth.

And if Biden fails to get all Americans out?

If Biden leaves Americans stranded in Afghanistan, Scalise said people will wonder what (the hell) he was doing, instead. What, exactly, were the priorities of the president of the United States? 

“[I]f he fails to do it, people will look back and say, ‘What was he doing instead? What were the President of the United States’ priorities?’

“He was pressuring members of Congress to vote for this garbage. Trillions of dollars in debt and spending rather than focus on getting Americans out of harm’s way that he left behind. It’s a national and international disgrace.”

“This garbage” being Pelosi’s “$3.5 trillion liberal fantasy spending bill” — yet zero mention by House Democrats of Biden’s worsening Afghanistan disaster or the border crisis, which includes untold numbers of COVID-positive illegal aliens streaming into the country, virtually unchecked, only to be promptly shipped across “the fruited plain,” without so much as a heads-up to state or local officials.

“Let that sink in,” Scalise implored: “Americans deserve better.”

And of course, Pelosi — delusional as ever — said in a letter to House Democrats, as transcribed by Fox:

“With regard to the $3.5 trillion topline number for this package, the President has been clear: this is the number that will honor his vision to Build Back Better. [I just almost threw up in my mouth.]

“This is the number that has been agreed to in the Senate and is now before us in the House. Accordingly, we will write a reconciliation bill with the Senate that is consistent with that topline.”

#ProTip, BOTOX: Your “liberal fantasy spending bill” will die a just death in the Senate. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, more sh*ts and giggles, compliments of the current occupant of the White House.

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