Leftists Lose It at Carrie Underwood for 'Liking' Matt Walsh Post

Leftists Lose It at Carrie Underwood for 'Liking' Matt Walsh Post
Carrie Underwood arrives at the 51st annual CMA Awards on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017, in Nashville, Tenn. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Oh, the humanity! Who the hell does Carrie Underwood think she is, anyway? The country music superstar had the audacity to actually “like” a post by Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh. Why, if that’s not a career-ender, I don’t know what is! Thankfully, a few left-wing loons put her in her place.

As reported by Daily Wire, the offending post featured a video of Walsh addressing a Nashville school board over its decision to institute a mask mandate for all students for the 2021-2022 school year. For the record, it wasn’t even close. Walsh ripped the school board to shreds. As transcribed by Daily Wire:

“You in the school board have decided that our kids should go to school all day every day wearing muzzles like rabid dogs. I have listened to your arguments and I’ve noticed that they’re missing a few things, namely evidence, data, science, common sense and basic human decency


“If you think I’m exaggerating, then how would you respond to a parent who forced his kid to wear a football helmet every day, all day, for fear of falling coconuts and meteors? Your kid is almost as likely to die of COVID as he is from a rock from the sky, and yet if you saw that, you would say to that parent that he is abusive, that he is forcing his kid to participate in this utterly insane charade in order to satisfy his delusional psychotic hypochondria …

“You do it to make yourselves feel better and to protect yourselves politically. The child’s mask is a symbolic security blanket for you, not them. It’s a disgrace and you should all be ashamed.”

Walsh’s beatdown of the school board, just five days ago, has been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

While we’re at it, here’s a video of the entire school board meeting.

As the Daily Wire noted, parents in the packed meeting room largely voiced their opposition to the mask policy, and also cheered and applauded Walsh — every step of the way.

And again, Underwood, a resident of Nashville, “liked” his comments — earning the wrath of the rabid left. Among those rabid leftists, as Daily Wire reported, was LGBTQ activist Jeremy Hooper, who didn’t take kindly to Underwood’s appreciation of Walsh’s beatdown of the school board.

“It’s not just that Carrie Underwood liked an anti-mask tweet. It’s that Carrie Underwood liked an anti-mask tweet from Matt Walsh, one of those most negligently histrionic voices on the topic of protecting kids from COVID.”

OK, Jeremy, so what was it, exactly?

Hooper then suggests the “apolitical” Nashville star went “out of her way” to support Walsh, a “true conservative firebrand.” Ooh — as opposed to a “true rabid-left firebrand,” Jeremy?

“Imagine going out of your way to be apolitical, and then choosing to raise your voice after all these years in support of a true conservative firebrand who believes protecting kids from a virus is child abuse.”

I see. Anything else?

Anyway, Hooper then said he “likes Carrie,” and by virtue of the goodness of his heart, was willing to let her off the hook for “making a mistake.”

“I like Carrie. And I like public health. I sincerely hope this was a mistake or a learning opportunity, not a hardline stance.”

Ah, a “learning opportunity.” For Carrie Underwood. The lack of self-awareness of these people is profound.

Here are a couple more “greatest hits,” as noted by Daily Wire.

Author and progressive pastor John Pavlovitz alluded to Underwood’s megahit, “Jesus Take the Wheel” in his cheap shot:

Carrie Underwood being a God-over-Science person is the least surprising thing I’ve heard today.

Delta take the wheel…

Nice take, man of God. Oh, and cute play on the Delta variant.

And reality TV show star Andy Herren of “Big Brother” fame took the moronic, childish approach, dragging out first-time “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson’s name to launch a personal attack against Underwood.

“Kelly Clarkson has always been our best American Idol winner and will always be our best American Idol winner! F**k Carrie Underwood!!!!!”

Class act. Maybe your mommy will make it all better, jackass.

And what did Matt Walsh think about the whole thing? He laughed it off — tongue planted firmly in cheek.

“Like anyone else, I am upset and disturbed that Carrie Underwood liked one of my tweets. She should know better than to indirectly endorse the opinions of an extremist and scoundrel such as myself. Her lack of judgment is appalling. I demand that she renounce me and apologize.”

No doubt incensing the left-wing loons even more.

No word if Carrie Underwood was so crestfallen that she decided to end her career, leave Nashville, and go into hiding.

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