Does Biden Matter?

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The question becomes more critical as the days and weeks come and go; as evidenced most recently by the disastrous 2021 G-7 summit, NATO summit in Brussels, and humiliating beatdown in Geneva, compliments of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.


Does Joe Biden matter?

Legit question. To America? The world? Or even to the Democrat Party — other than as a placeholder? Spoiler: No. Or, if you prefer, “Oh hell, no.”

Then again, did he ever matter? What substance or positive change has Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. ever delivered to America? What as he left better than he found it?

When Joe Biden first began to daydream about the presidency is anyone’s guess. We do know that he first sought the Democrat presidential nomination in 1987 — 34 years ago. We also know that his trainwreck of a campaign crashed in flames have after he was caught plagiarizing major parts of a speech from British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.

The public was rightly outraged, leading Biden to fold his campaign on September 23, 1987, just 3 1/2 months after it began. And Biden being Biden? He played the victim, of course, saying his candidacy had been overrun by “the exaggerated shadow” of his past mistakes. As is the case with Barack Obama, nothing has ever been Joe Biden’s fault.

After the embarrassing humiliation of 1987, Biden would wait 20 years before again seeking the Democrat presidential nomination.

And again, Biden being Biden, his 2008 effort crashed and burned, as well — this time after his campaign was ordered to pay a $219,000 penalty for improperly accepting a discounted private plane flight and taking individual campaign contributions above the legal limit, according to the Federal Election Commission. Biden withdrew from the campaign shortly thereafter, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton battled until the bitter end.


When the Democrat dust finally settled, it was Biden left standing with Obama — not Hillary. “Joey from Scranton” becoming Obama’s second banana.

That role — second banana — was the perfect role for career politician Joe Biden. Vice President Barnie Fife to President Andy Taylor. He got to pretend he was important. Hang out in the Oval Office with “Barack” on a regular basis. Pretend he mattered. And whisper things in the boss’s ear like, “This is a big f**king deal!”, in reference to Obamacare. The room cringed. You could see it on Obama’s embarrassed face as he nervously laughed and patted “Joe” on the back before putting him on “mute.” The sad truth?

Biden didn’t matter.

Then 2016 happened.

This is neither the time nor place to analyze the 2016 election and four years that followed, but suffice it say — IMHO — the 2016 campaign was one of those “perfect storms” in politics. The right couldn’t wait to get rid of Obama, and half the country wanted “anybody but Hillary” in the White House. While I initially preferred any of the other 16 Republican candidates over Trump, I voted for him twice and still believe he was the only only one of the 17 who could have beaten Hillary — and did.


Throughout the 2020 campaign, I suggested to my conservative brethren that those who relied heavily — including Donald Trump — on a “Biden’s ready for the home” strategy were making a mistake. I also warned against the false security of looking at the Trump rallies, boat parades, et al. as “proof” or at least “assurance” that Trump would easily win re-election. The fact on the left was and remains that the election was never about Biden.

As was the case in 2016 when untold numbers of Trump votes were as much “not Hillary,” as “for Trump,” rabid stage 4 Trump Derangement left-wingers, having been left seething for four, were hellbent to “settle the score.” They would come out in force, I said. And I was right — “mass election fraud” allegations, aside. I often joked that the Democrats could have run a blind drunk squirrel and the outcome would have been the same.

Joe Biden didn’t matter to them. Donald Trump did.

So, one way or the other, “Joey from Scranton” finally made it to the Oval Office.

More accurately, the shell of a man first elected to the Senate in 1973 — two years shy of 50 years ago — finally made it. A reduced man who must be shuffled around by handlers terrified of what he might do if he is not closely “minded.” An addled man who often forgets where he is, mixes up countries in the Mideast, calls God “the thing,” and thinks every American — and illegal alien — has “a right to badakathcare.”


And says in Geneva that he trusts Vladimir Putin.

And worst of all, left-wing activists pulling his strings, shoving executive orders in front of his face, telling him what to support and what to oppose, and all but running his “shadow administration.” The sad reality, Joe, is you don’t matter.

Even sadder, Joe? You never did.

Check out my colleague Bonchie’s accurate summation—and predictable, even before Air Force One went “wheels up” on its trip to Europe, last week — of Joe Biden’s humiliating beatdown, handily delivered by Vladimir Putin:

Joe Biden Got Absolutely Rolled by Putin and Everyone Knows It


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