Black Linebacker Brandon Spikes Demands: 'Drop the Race Bullsh*t' About Tim Tebow

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The never-ending histrionic handwringing on the left over the “injustice of injustices” perpetrated by the “racist right” against former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick just got ratcheted up a notch or ten. Bigly. Spoiler: Tim Tebow.


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Yup, it appears that Tebow might be back in the league by the end of the week – and former quarterback-turned-activist “Kaep” decidedly will not be. “Black (sportswriter) Adam Schefter” parody Twitter account is among those who didn’t take kindly to the news.

“Can’t seem to put [your] finger on it,” “Black Adam Schefter? Lemme help. How many fingers would you like me to use? I’ll get back to you in a minute. (P.S. Not one of those “fingers” has anything to do with the skin color of either former player.)

As reported by The Blaze on Wednesday, former black NFL linebacker Brandon Spikes, who played college football at the University of Florida with Tebow, blistered the “race bulls**t” that kicked off — a nanosecond after it was announced that Tebow is likely to return to the league under a one-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.


In reference to legendary head coach Urban Meyer — coach of the Florida Gators during the Tebow and Spikes years, now Jaguars head coach — Spikes tweeted:

“I’m gonna call Urb and see if i can get a job as the head Equipment Manager for the jaguars lol. So y’all can stop pulling this race bullshit! This ain’t that. It’s all about their relationship built people.”


And this:

“Shessh why sooo much hate for my bruh Tebow ?”

Great question, “Black Adam Scheffler,” why the hate for Brandon’s “bruh”?

Spikes then dropped some solid truth on the haters. (Kaepernick unavailable for comment.)

Actor Stephen Pasquale nailed it, as well.

Tim Tebow finding a team and Colin Kaepernick can’t.

White privilege NFL style.

Tebow can’t throw, never could, never played TE, and hasn’t played in ..what …8 years?

Explain it to me like I’m 5.


Still with us, “Black Adam Schefter”?

Here’s the thing, “Black Adam Schefter,” I don’t know if you’re five — although given your lack of coherent grasp of both cases, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Lemme spell it out for you.

Tebow is likely to sign a one-year contract as a potential tight end — not as a quarterback.

While Tebow remains a gifted athlete, it became clear he could not play to the level of NFL quarterback, despite his magical college career with the Florida Gators.

Have you ever run a business? Managed, led, or been charged with motivating employees?

Didn’t think so. Employers are not overly fond of disruptors who not only negatively impact “team” morale but also continually invite negative attention to their respective businesses. Not because those businesses are evil incarnate, my friend; because disruptors often disrupt based solely on their own slanted views.


Tim Tebow is the opposite of the above set of facts; Colin Kaepernick is its chip-on-his-shoulders poster child.

Social media “influencers” like “Black Adam Schefter” who see anything and everything through the prism of pretend systemic racism and trumped-up (pun intended?) white privilege are as much a problem if not more so than the Colin Kaepernicks of America.



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