Noted Sociologist Ben Affleck: Countries and Societies 'Run by Women Tend to Prosper More'

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Have you ever stopped to think about how fortunate we are to live in a country with an abundance of celebrities who are more than happy to give advice to us common folk, without even being asked to do so? From 9-11 truther Rosie O’Donnell to incisive political commentary from Joy Behar, to spot-on analysis from noted law enforcement expert LeBron James and an enjoyable evening of drunk-tweeting with Cher, we are truly blessed.


And of course, we have Ben Affleck.

During a discussion moderated by former Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake at the McCain Institute’s Sedona Forum on Friday, Affleck, co-founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, said countries and societies primarily “run by women tend to prosper more.”

“I don’t know what this says about us men,” Ben pondered.

[I]t has been my honor to be inspired by Ms. [Cindy] McCain, and I will continue to work in the vein in the way she has diligently and on behalf, largely, of women who I have to say, I don’t know what this says about us men. But it is factually correct that women, the countries that are run primarily by women, societies that are run by women tend to prosper more so, well, there you have it.”

Surely I don’t have to point this out, but my intent here is neither misogynistic nor an attempt to stereotype; it is to point out, yet again, the ridiculousness of simplistic, always-flawed, liberal groupthink — most of which has not been thought through all that well at all.

All women, Ben? Including conservative women? Would a country or society “run primarily by conservative women be better off than the same country or society run primarily by liberal men? I’ll wait.


And, Ben? Were you also speaking of transgender women? 

Would they do a better job, as well? Maybe they’d even do a better job than whatever we’ve been instructed to call actual women, these days. I bet they would — you know, the same way transgender athletes kick the hell of female athletes in women’s sports.

Like all good Hollywooders, from Leo DiCaprio to Allyssa Milano and a cast of thousands, Affleck was more than willing to share his wisdom on African development and a host of other topics with the U.S. Congress, as well.

“I would …. encourage Congress to be thoughtful and really examine what has worked and what hasn’t, and look at what models may work well in the future and I would encourage them to stay involved and I would tell them that I’m going to continue to try to build a constituency of people who are interested in this topic, and cultivate other people to do so.”

Affleck was asked why he chose advocacy work on behalf of Congo as opposed to other causes. A large part of the reason, he suggested, is because in his opinion the U.S. is not as engaged as it should be in Africa — while China is developing key relationships throughout the continent and steadily gaining an economic advantage.

“I don’t view anyone as more different from me than those who live on another street or as Texas is from Arizona. I mean, here we are, we’re all people, and the idea that one can sort of ignore or discount the suffering of another because they have a different passport seems outmoded, at best.”


Affleck also offered a bit of advice on China which, in fairness — particularly given Biden’s love affair with Xi Jinping and all things “They’re not gonna eat our lunch, man!” — made a helluva lot more sense than the 180-degree turn taken by Biden’s handlers, from the minute they shoved Joe behind the Resolute Desk with his executive order-signing pen.

“The Chinese have proven to be on to something, you know, cultivating these relationships, chasing after these resources, developing these relationships is going to be of long term value to China.

And right now, we’re just giving it away. We’re allowing them to dominate these relationships unchallenged. And once they’re controlled, it will be a further advantage to China and disadvantage to our country and our economy.’

To be fair, Ben Affleck — as compared to any of the aforementioned — seems to be a reasonable enough guy. Then again, when your competition consists of MENSA members like Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar, common sense is a walk in the park.

Anyway, for your viewing “pleasure” (if you can stomach watching Jeff Flake) — here ya go.

By the way, could “Bennifer 2.0” be a thing in the future? [sarc]


Incidentally, if Ben Affleck’s idea ever comes to fruition in America [sarc], here’s one woman I’ll bet the farm on doing a “great” job: You’re an Employer Who Does Criminal Background Checks? Maxine Waters Wants to Punish You — Bigly

Aaaand this one, as well: MI Rep. Who Invoked Whitmer’s Name During Arrest Resists Mug Shot, It Backfires

Have a great weekend, gang.



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