Biden Homeland Security Vows to Tackle 'Climate Change' as 'National Security Threat'

(S.A. Sonsthagen/U.S. Geological Survey via AP, File)

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas parroted Joe Biden’s handlers’ position on “the climate crisis” during the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate on Thursday, reaffirming DHS’s commitment to adapting a response to the “climate emergency” to include steps to battle the “national security threat” of the “existential threat of our time.”

For those of you keeping score at home, Mayorkas also deemed the “climate crisis” a threat to “global security,” as well. Special Climate Envoy to the President [rolling-eyes emoji], John Heinz-Kerry was seen furiously nodding his whacked-out head in approval. [sarc]

Here’s part of what Mayorkas said, via the Homeland Security Today website:

“The impacts of the climate emergency on both our national and collective global security are vast. At the Department, we must — and we will — do more to address the climate crisis.

“DHS will implement a new approach to climate change adaptation and resilience, and we will do so with the sense of urgency this problem demands.”

Incidentally, I wonder what the secretary’s “national security threat” opinion is on illegal aliens — including COVID-positive “migrants” and two men on the FBI’s terrorism watchlist — streaming across the southern border? You ‘spose he sees the same “sense of urgency this problem demands”?

“SaggPondCapital” summed it up, perfectly.

“Home Land Security wants to turn focus to ?…… GLOBAL WARMING ! China , Islamist terrorists , #Antifa and #BLM laugh their asses off”

As well as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and every other America-hating dictator on the planet. But, hey — “progressive” priorities are “progressive” priorities, right Joe?

Several specifics, via the DHS site (emphasis, mine):

Secretary Mayorkas announced the launch of the DHS Climate Change Action Group, a coordinating body composed of the Department’s senior leadership that will drive urgent action to address the climate crisis and will report directly to the Secretary. […]

DHS also recently published a public Request for Information on how the Department’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) can ensure that its programs advance equity and increase resilience for all – especially among those who are disproportionately at risk from the impacts of climate change. [Uh-huh.]

This request will enable FEMA to perform its time-honored mission of “helping people before, during, and after disasters” under modern conditions. In direct response to the reality of the climate emergency, this request will also serve as the basis to reorient FEMA’s efforts in furtherance of its longstanding goal of “building a culture of preparedness.”

Further, Secretary Mayorkas announced action to reduce emissions and promote resilience and adaptation in collaboration with the Department’s partners across every level of government and the private sector. DHS is leading the way in the adoption of electric vehicles with the goal of electrifying 50 percent of our fleet by 2030.

[Electric vehicles are in your future, as well; get used to it. And then some.]

This is a key initiative of the Biden-Harris Administration’s “Infrastructure Plan,” which if passed, would identify $174 billion in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure nationwide. By integrating EVs into the DHS fleet, the Department will support the reshaping of the transportation sector and reduce carbon emissions.

[Noted environmentalist AOC reportedly “giddy” over DHS announcement.]

Think about that last line. The Homeland Security Department under Biden believes part of its job is to “reshape” the type of car you drive. No doubt just one more example of why a growing number of Americans wish they could have a 2020 election “do-over.”

Is Biden About to Exacerbate America’s Crisis? 

Biden, who in three months has put his pen where his mouth was throughout his pandering presidential campaign, has committed to “study” — Democrats conduct “studies” after first determining exactly what they plan to do — offering “asylum” or other legal protections to “people displaced specifically because of climate change.” AKA: “climate refugees.”

If (when) Biden pulls the trigger (pun intended) on America this politically-expedient insanity, the U.S. would (will) become the first country on the planet to do so.

Here’s Sen. Edward Markey (D-LOON), who is also a co-sponsor of the equally-insane Democrat SCOTUS-packing legislation.

“Right now, there are no protections for those forced to flee their homes because of the climate crisis and global sea-level rise.

“As this crisis continues to worsen we must recognize climate refugees and protect those being displaced by climate change.”

Let’s pretend your assertions are correct, Ed. For the hell of it.

Why, then, is it America’s job to accept every “refugee” on the planet with open arms? Biden has all but installed northbound-only people movers along the southern border. When will enough be enough? Never mind; rhetorical question.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Edward Markey. Three peas in a left-wing pod.

Yet the lapdog liberal media wants you to believe the first two are “pragmatic moderates.” Do they think you’re stupid? No. Do they think there are plenty of Americans who are? Absolutely. Therefore, you don’t matter.

Anyway, in summary, the DHS said:

The climate crisis poses a significant threat to both DHS operations and the American people.

It is vital for the Department to provide leadership and take proactive measures to minimize its environmental impact across the United States and globally.

The actions announced today – on Earth Day – demonstrate DHS’s commitment to bold action on climate change.

Back to Biden’s “climate refugee” silliness, for a sec. I wonder if any sane countries (assuming a few still exist), will welcome “climate refugees” from America who seek refuge from Planet Looney Tunes leftist policies?

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Almost four months into 2021, 2020 ain’t got nothin’ on this crazy year.