HOT TAKES: Wait — It's Earth Day? Happy Earth Day, America!


I would be remiss — not to mention a “racist white supremacist” (or worse) — if I failed to extend a heartfelt “Happy Earth Day!” to RedState readers across the bountiful fruited plain. Therefore, it is my honor to join with Katie Pavlich in wishing all of you a happy-happy day, chock full of eco-conscious stuff and thoughts of a better “Green New Deal” tomorrow.

Damn — I meant to photoshop that mask outta there. Fauci must have refused to take it off before he went SCUBA diving. Apologies. Anyway, let’s kick off the festivities, shall we?!

So this happened, earlier today.

“Climate activists are coming to dump over a dozen wheelbarrows of cow poop at the White House to protest Biden’s “bullshit” climate plan. #EarthDay”

No doubt hard-working, productive Americans, who add to the largess of America and its citizenry on a daily basis. Just kidding. Then again, Biden’s “bullshit” climate plan?

Agreed — but for an entirely different reason.

Artist Matt Dawson, who describes himself as “Twitter’s Pharmacist,” posted his Earth Day thoughts, last night — thoughts similar to those shared in one form or another by millions of sane Americans, every year.

“Earth day tomorrow so you know what that means! Bundle up and Jack your AC down to 60º!”

On a personal note, we lost half of each of two large trees in the backyard on Wednesday, due to the weight of the snow on the leaves. And we live in Indianapolis. So yeah, “global warming” — er — “climate change” — er — the “climate crisis” — is a bitch.

My RedState colleague Brad Slager re-posted his classic Earth Day piece, earlier today, titled All the Reasons to Ignore Earth Day, from Witch Executions to Oysters with Herpes!

Must-read stuff. Trust me.

Rush Limbaugh: What If We Had Done What Environmentalists Told Us?

“Environmentalist wackos.” Among Rush Limbaugh’s favorite targets, over the years, right up there with “feminazis.” During his April 2, 2020, show, Rush posed the question. Yeah; what if we had done what the environmentalist activists have warned us to do — along with admonishing us what would happen if we failed to heed their warning? Including the implementation of noted environmentalist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”?

“My friends, I want to run something by you here. Is it not fortunate that we have not had to deal with the implementation of radical environmentalism policy like the Green New Deal? Do you realize how fortunate we are during this [pandemic shutdown]?”

Speaking of Socialist Barbie AOC and her Green New Deal:

How thoughtful of AOC to take time out from her daily Instagram pep rally with her groupies to shill weigh in. Anyway, back to Rush. Here are a few more excerpts (emphasis, mine):

“They told us to turn the economy and our way of life over to them — the Green New Deal — and now look. Now look. We are shut down, and we just all need to be reminded: While we are all forced by the government to stay at home, do you realize how fortunate we are and how nice it is that we have all the things that run on electricity?

“That’s the first thing to go in a weather emergency. If a hurricane, thunderstorm comes in, then what happens? You lose electricity. You lose the phone system. You lose cellular coverage. You lose the ability to communicate, to stay connected.”

And if the left at any time in the last 10 years had been successful in chipping away at all of that and forcing people to replace various elements of this with solar or wind?

“I guarantee you people would not be comfortable at home, and they would be angry and miserable, and they would feel betrayed at the false promises they have been given about this stuff.

“And while all of this is going on, guess what? There’s an oil war going on between the Saudi Arabians and the Russians. And Trump is dealing with that.

Unfortunately — and growing more ominous by the day — Trump is gone, with the organ grinder monkey of the radical left now sitting in the Oval Office doing their bidding, signing executive order after executive order like a drunken sailor spends money. Except the monkey is spending our money. On radical left-wing initiatives. With the stroke of a pen.

You know, all that “unity” and “time to heal” malarkey. C’mon, man!

You can watch the video of Rush’s segment, here.

Ooh — I almost forgot! What would Earth Day be without a special shoutout to Earth’s preeminent expert on all things environmental, climate change, global warming, and all the other stuff rolled up into that “existential threat to mankind” thingy?

The people of Earth owe you a debt of gratitude, Greta Thunberg, for all you do.

Say, is Greta old enough to date, yet? I mean on nights when she’s not babysitting the planet? Just curious. Personally, I’m more interested in a reliable babysitter.