MSNBC Regular Explains Why He's Afraid 'Ignorant' Jury Could 'Fail to Convict' Derek Chauvin

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Let’s first agree on one thing. In the eyes of the left, “justice for George Floyd” doesn’t mean “justice” any more than “justice for Michael Brown,” “justice for Trayvon Martin,” or “justice” for any other person of color who was shot or otherwise died during a police action.

The phrase itself says it all. Correctly said, it is simply “justice.” Period. It stands on its own. “Justice” is not for or against anyone. Not even against those the left long ago prejudged and convicted of murder. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s continue.

So, what do we know?

We know that George Floyd died in police custody with officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck. It’s on video. It’s beyond difficult to watch all the way through. We also know from other video that Floyd was under duress and began to say “I can’t breathe” before he was on the ground or even touched. And, that a jury is now in the process of hearing both sides of the case and will ultimately be asked to render justice. 

Now, imagine the jury.

Seating a jury that can objectively hear both sides of this case. People who have seen the video, listened to the rhetoric, and with the knowledge that Floyd’s death led to a summer of burning and rioting across America. Also knowing how they rule could lead to more rioting. Scratch that. Will lead to additional riots —as we have seen play out time and again in the aftermath of major league sports championships.

Either way, Tiffany Cross, host of MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection,” and regular contributor Elie Mystal, of all people, the “justice correspondent” for the left-wing rag “The Nation” had a “slightly different” take on Saturday.

As “justice correspondent” Mystal sees it, he’s afraid the jury is comprised of people too “ignorant” to convict Chauvin. The reason being, as Mystal seems to suggest, the prosecution presented such an air-tight case, that now listening to the defense can only be judged as “ignorant” — and of course, “racist,” but isn’t everything?

“The testimony that the prosecution has put on from the other police officers should, to my mind, blunt this defense argument that Chauvin behaved like a reasonable cop. Literally, other cops are saying that he didn’t.

“But then we have to think about the jury. And you have to remember, this jury has been seeded with ignorance.

“It’s been seeded with people who either did not see the video, which is almost impossible to do in this country, or, saw the video and couldn’t decide if sometimes, maybe black people do need to be choked to death for eight minutes and forty-six seconds.

“Maybe they had it coming!”

Wait — what?

So those are the people that we’re talking to here. It’s not talking to me; it’s not trying to convince you. That ship sailed long ago.

“They’re trying to convince 12 people that have been picked specifically for not knowing things. And so, that’s what — that’s what frightens me. No, they don’t need to put Chauvin on the stand. They need one juror to refuse to see a reason.

I see. [rolling-eyes emojij]

Then, of course, a favorite go-to of the left: bust out the trusty “terrorist” analogy.

“We don’t let terrorists blame the victims for the terrorism. That’s not what happens in this country, unless the victim is black. And when the victim is black, these white, domestic, state-sponsored terrorists—which is what Derek Chauvin and his three accomplices were that day — state-sponsored terrorists.

“When the terrorism is against black people, it is suddenly okay for lawyers to make the arguments and judges to allow evidence suggesting that the victim of the terrorism was at fault for their own death.”

Again, this guy is a justice correspondent. Boggles the mind. Except it doesn’t. Mr. Mystal is apparently so blinded by hatred for America’s law enforcement officers — if not white people in general — he is incapable of even coming close to understanding the mockery he makes of justice.

To be sure, Elie Mystal is irrelevant. In the larger picture. But Mystal did play the role of Saturday’s hood ornament of the dishonest clown car across a divided nation, chanting in unison: “Justice for George Floyd!”