Don Lemon Being Don Lemon: GOP 'Wants to Take Away Your Vote,' Doesn't Have the Courage to Stand up for Our Lives'

Don Lemon Being Don Lemon: GOP 'Wants to Take Away Your Vote,' Doesn't Have the Courage to Stand up for Our Lives'
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CNN anchor Don Lemon is a smug, left-wing, out-of-control, loose cannon who makes outrageous comments and deluded accusations on a nightly basis, no doubt believing that the more outrageously and irresponsibly he brings it, the better his ratings.

Given the lack of journalistic integrity running rampant at the ridiculously self-proclaimed “The Most Trusted Name in News,” I don’t for a minute doubt that he’s right.

There. I said it. Now let’s get down to the business at hand.

As we reported earlier, even a former CNN producer is now urging CNN to put an end to Lemon’s “dangerous rhetoric.” Former CNNer Steve Krakauer tweeted — at 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, no less — “Someone at CNN needs to step in. This hyperbole isn’t just offensive, it’s actually dangerous.”

As Congressional Democrats, Biden, and the liberal media yet again rushed to exploit the latest mass shooting in their never-ending drive to restrict or ban firearms from law-abiding gun owners, Lemon of course went off the rails with the rest of the left — although, in that special “Don Lemon” style we’ve come to know and “love.” As transcribed by NewsBusters:

“When are we finally going to do something about the gun violence that’s killing us?

As pandemic restrictions are being lifted, the mass shootings are starting again and America is mourning again.

Too many on the right don’t have the courage to stand up for our lives, but they’ll take away your vote.

“Why are we willing to tolerate an obscene loss of life?

Too many on the right flaunt their devotion to the weapons taking away American lives.

“The 2nd Amendment doesn’t require us to submit to a lifetime of mass carnage. Every single one of us is just playing the odds at this point.”

Where does one begin with that guy and his incendiary crap? Moreover, what does Lemon’s irresponsible, factless unchecked ranting, night after night, say about CNN?

Really, CNN? “The Most Trusted Name in News”? Sounds legit.

Lemon also teed off on, among other Republican senators, Louisiana’s John Kennedy for defending the Second Amendment on the Senate floor on Wednesday, sneering that Kennedy was against “common sense.”

As luck would have it, I reported earlier today on both: John Kennedy and a “common sense” approach to gun crime. Spoiler: restricting or banning guns from law-abiding gun owners ain’t it. Again, transcript provided by NewsBusters.

“That carnage is happening in our real life. Not their theater of the militia. Not in their role-playing — because they’re playing roles… You have the Second Amendment, which is a right in the Constitution, right? A privilege.

“But you also have the First Amendment that people can love this country and then want to analyze and criticize the Second Amendment and the rest of the amendments and everything. That’s your right under the First Amendment of the Constitution. [So the First Amendment trumps (pun possibly intended) the Second Amendment because Don Lemon says so? Sorry, Don, no.]

“So by criticizing the Second Amendment and wondering if there are things we can do to improve the situation when it comes to guns — doesn’t mean you’re un-American, doesn’t mean you’re anti-gun. It means you’re exercising your First Amendment. See where I’m going here?

[Yes, we “see where (you’re) going, here.”  Thing is, no one is denying anybody’s right to criticize anything — least of all, you, Scooter.]

“To make things better for all of your countrymen. And to try to save lives. First Amendment, you can criticize the Second Amendment and everything that goes along with it.

“That’s part of being a patriot and an American is holding our lawmakers accountable. And they must be held accountable for what is happening with guns in this country.

So stop playing politics with our lives.” [BWAHAHAHAHAHA, OK, Don.]

The fact that Don Lemon is allowed to rant and spew garbage, apparently unchecked, on a major news outlet, yet conservatives are suppressed, censored, and banned for life on social media for saying First-Amendment-protected things tells us all we need to know about where this country is headed.

Chances are, Don Lemon will be with us, all along the way.

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