Planet Fredo Update: Saying 'UK Variant' Is 'Very Different' From Saying 'China Virus,' Then It All Swirls Down the Toilet

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As we reported earlier, CNN has been in full-metal defense of Dr. Anthony Fauci against Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), also a doctor, over Paul’s accusations during a Senate hearing on Thursday that the infectious diseases expert is involved in little more than “theater.”


Chris Cuomo was among those on the frontline, during an interview with Fauci.

“You and I have talked about this, a lot. You’re in the medicine business. You’re in the science business.

“But you’re also in the messaging business.  He is making a play, and the play is, you guys have been too severe for too long — you’re holding us back.

“And it’s not on the basis of science, it’s on the basis of playing it safe with the science — you’re being too conservative.”

Somewhat to Fauci’s credit, he refused to throw Paul under the bus, instead suggesting there was “a kernel of truth” in the Kentucky senator’s position that tens of millions of Americans are justified in being sick to death of continued school lockdowns, limitations, and Fauci’s continually-moving goal posts — which he, of course, justified.

Fredo’s objective was to back up Fauci’s draconian nonsense, something mighty fierce.

Then this:

“We keep talking about Europe, why don’t we talk about Michigan? Cases are up 82 percent in the last two weeks, 13 days ago they eased restrictions — even with the case-jump, restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, and more.

“Adjusted for population, they have the most confirmed cases of the U.K. variant —and look, again, I’m calling it the “U.K variant” because that’s where we believe the origin is — I’m not blaming the U.K. for it, okay?

This is a very different play than Trump made by calling something the China virus.”


Whoa. Stop the tape, Fredo. “Because that’s where we believe the origin is.” Imagine that. Setting aside the question of whether the virus originated in a Wuhan lab or not, to suggest the virus didn’t originate in China defies a few hard truths. As reported by The Wall Street Journal in February, all roads seem to lead directly to China, if not the Wuhan lab itself.

China actively covered up the early stages of the pandemic, concealed the transmissibility of the virus from its own people and the world, and punished Wuhan doctors who expressed worry about it in late December 2019. President Xi Jinping did not warn the public in China or abroad until mid-January.

The WSJ piece goes into great detail, all of which supports the case that the origin of the virus was indeed in China, despite China’s protestations to the contrary.

Since then, Chinese officials and scientists have advanced a host of dubious theories to suggest the origin of the virus was beyond China’s borders: perhaps brought to China by contaminated packaging of frozen food from abroad or from the U.S. military biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., or from mink farms.

The disinformation only heightens suspicions that China is trying to distract from or conceal something.


Nonetheless, as we’ve seen from the China-loving “mainstream” media for a year, “racist” Trump and the Republicans have purposely tried to pin the virus on China, while they — the liberal media sock puppets — in all of their Pulitzer Prize-worthy glory, have courageously defended Communist China from the sinister intent of the Republican Party.

Oh – I almost forgot — here’s just one example of excellence in broadcast journalism on full display by Fredo during his lovefest with attention-whore Fauci— who has pretty much reduced himself to the pathetic role of organ grinder monkey for the Democrat Party.

“So it allows me a little bit of leeway to ask something a little lighter. Did you know that on social media, people are referring to the vaccine as the ‘Fauci ouchie’? Did you know that? Did you have anything to do with that?”


Piece of work, ain’t he? I mean it wasn’t quite up to Fredo’s giant Q-Tip routine with his Cuomo Bros governor of New York, but what has been?

Fredo. Doesn’t get any better. Except for Luv Guv. Yeah. The Cuomo Bros. The best.


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