Gov. Cuomo? Gov. Cuomo Who? Harris Goes Full Metal Biden When Asked About Sex Scandal

Gov. Cuomo? Gov. Cuomo Who? Harris Goes Full Metal Biden When Asked About Sex Scandal
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It’s “almost” like the White House is in a contest with CNNMSNBCNYTCBSABCNBC to see who can scurry out of the room faster or bury their head deeper in the sand when asked to comment on embattled New Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal.

“Almost” being the operative word. CNN has been doing yeoman’s job since the story first broke but on Wednesday, Kamala Harris took home the trophy for the day’s best effort.

Given Harris’s attacks against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and former Democrat Sen. Al Franken, she has faced growing criticism for her refusal to apply the same “standard” and call out Cuomo as he faces a growing number of allegations of sexual misconduct — six women (so far) — the majority of them having worked for him in the past.

So on Wednesday as Harris spoke briefly with reporters after House Democrats rammed through the Democrat-controlled Senate version of Biden’s $1.9 trillion “Pelosi Payoff” coronavirus relief package in a party-line vote. As the event concluded, a reporter asked Harris to give her view of the allegations against Cuomo.

To paraphrase Britney Spears (yeah, I know, me too), Oops! She did it again. After Harris was finished lying her a gushing about the astonishing wonders of the monstrous “COVID relief” package, a White House reporter asked, straight-up, not a “gotcha” question.

“And Madam Vice President, do you have any comment on Governor Cuomo?”

And Kammie’s response? Pivot, exit stage-right.

It amuses me how politicians — not unlike small children — seem to think if they just ignore questions, particularly about scandals, the questions will go away. It should be clear to the Biden White House that questions about Andrew Cuomo and his sordid scandals are not going to go away. On the contrary, it should be clear he’s a dead man walking.

I’m not a politician, nor did I have an affair with a certain (married) then-mayor of San Francisco, but given that White House Press Secretary Jen Circle-Back Psaki has been asked on more than one occasion why Harris continues to ignore the Luv Guv’s sex scandal, Ms. Harris should be prepared to answer a few questions about the scandal.

Would that not be the sensible thing to do? (Again, I know. “Democrat” and “sensible” are mutually exclusive.) Anyway, put it to bed, as they say, rather than continuing to dodge, bob, and weave — which only makes it worse. Isn’t that logical? Wait — never mind.

Lemme just say that Jen Psaki is in way over her head in this job. Smug-ass attitude aside.

I decided to toss this one in the article just for grins. Heartwarming moment, ain’t it?

Democrat hypocrisy. It doesn’t get any “better.”

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