'Shocking' Detail Found in Rush Limbaugh's Death Certificate and TMZ Is ON IT, America!

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Over the roughly three weeks since the death of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, el Rushbo has randomly popped into my mind along the way, and for an instant, it hits me that he’s gone. To Rushophiles across America, there will never be another Rush.

But now a shocking report reveals disturbing information found in Rush’s death certificate; information so inexcusable, Maha Rushie is likely to lose tens of millions of dittoheads as the real Rush Limbaugh is finally exposed — with no opportunity to redeem himself.

As reported by TMZ — in an “exclusive” report — the crack TMZ supersleuths have discovered under “occupation” on Rush’s death certificate, his job title is described as:

Greatest Radio Show Host of All Time.”

Bo Snerdley — whose real name is James Golden — Rush’s longtime call screener, producer, and engineer, tweeted out the shocking news soon after it broke.

Check it out, just off Rush’s left shoulder.

As TMZ reported — Did I mention “exclusively”? —in an article titled “ONE FINAL BOAST”:

“Rush Limbaugh is the GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to radio hosts, and if you don’t believe that … just read his death certificate.

“According to the document, obtained by TMZ (ROFLMAO), the conservative firebrand host’s occupation is right there in black and white — ‘GREATEST RADIO HOST OF ALL TIME.'”

Oh, the humanity!

“That’s some pretty high praise,” TMZ opined — but not in the eyes of everyone.

“It’s high praise for Rush that many, including his pal Donald Trump, would agree with — but of course, there’s probably those who’d strongly disagree.

“Remember, Trump presented Rush with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his achievements in radio.

“[B]ut Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got some pushback when he ordered flags lowered to honor Limbaugh after his death last month of lung cancer.”

Note the naive idiocy, here.

The left has, for decades, attempted to marginalize Rush Limbaugh as a far-right-fringe kook who spins fantastical tales about the evils of liberals and liberalism on a daily basis. A crackpot who is dismissed by “mainstream” America.

It’s what they do. Always have, always will.

From Midwesterners “clinging to their guns and religion,” to a ‘basket of deplorables,” to “Neanderthal thinking,” half of America, in the eyes of the elitist left, is irrelevant and as such should be dismissed, outright. And destroyed, if possible, of course.

You can view the pdf here.

More tripe from TMZ.

“We know what you’re thinking — Rush probably had a big fan in the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office who put that title on the death certificate.

[No, what we’re thinking is how moronic, petty, and obscene you are in attacking an American icon whose views you don’t share. Oh, and also that this piece of shi garbage reads like a badly-written piece from left-wing pals at The Onion.]

“However, his wife, Kathryn Limbaugh, is listed as the person providing the info for the document, so it’s most likely her handiwork.

TMZ also made it a point to throw Rush’s widow Kathryn under to bus, for her “handiwork.” Not that TMZ has ever had any shame, but the lack of class is contemptible.

Finally, in typical TMZ fashion, the clowns recognized Limbaugh’s accomplishments — “one of the premier voices in the conservative ranks, as well as one of the most listened to radio personalities” — before knifing him at the end.

“However, his success in radio came with a lot of controversies … his views on race, feminism, sexual consent, climate change, and LGBTQ+ issues — just to name a few — were widely criticized and made him one of America’s most polarizing figures.”

Having written and talked politics for as long as I have, I long ago learned not to let the left anger me. Vehement opposition, yes. Anger, no. It’s their goal. Why give it to them? They want us to be even more miserable and bitter as they are (see Joy Behar, et al.) but I simply refuse to give them what they want. So should you — just as @RightGlockMom did.

The bonus, then, is being able to simply laugh at — and off — their petty nonsense. And what a target-rich environment their nonsense is. Always has been, always will be.

Besides, left-wing loons, Rush Limbaugh was the Greatest Radio Show Host of All Time.

And guess what? He always will be. Sucks, huh?