NAILED IT: Mike Huckabee: 'Biden Is Making Barack Obama Look Like Ronald Reagan in Terms of His Leftist Policies'

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As of Friday, January 29, Joe Biden had signed 42 executive orders, easily outdistancing Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush by a socialist mile — combined.


Biden’s blistering pace has been criticized by both sides of the aisle, with six red-state attorneys general threatening a lawsuit, and even The New York Times editorial board saying, “ease up on the executive actions, Joe.”

Even worse, Biden shows no signs of slowing down.

He signed three more executive orders on Tuesday, all of which he said were designed to address Trump’s “moral failings” and “hard-line” immigration policies.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Tuesday joined the ever-growing list of critics of Biden’s “drunken” executive order binge, telling Fox News host Martha MacCallum, “Joe Biden said he wanted to fight for ‘me.’ My gosh, I’d hate to think if this is what he’s doing for me, what he would be doing to me if he was fighting against me.”

As reported by CNS News, Huckabee began by talking about Rep. Pramila Jaypal’s (D-WA) call for $3 to $4 trillion COVID relief package, telling MacCallum that Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion COVID relief package should be considered the “floor,” not the “ceiling.”

“Why stop there? Let’s make it $25, 50 trillion?” Huckabee mockingly asked.

“Let’s just give everybody anything they ever wanted. Let government be Santa Claus. She said that’s the floor. Heck, I’m on the floor thinking about how crazy this is. Joe Biden said he wanted to fight for me. My gosh, I’d hate to think if this is what he’s doing for me, what he would be doing to me if he was fighting against me.”


The former governor was particularly concerned with jobs being killed by Biden’s orders — notably his canceling of the Keystone XL Pipeline — and taxpayer-funded abortions.

“A lot of these executive orders are killing people’s jobs all over the country, especially in the energy field, and despite the fact that 58 percent of Americans don’t want taxpayer-funded abortions, he’s pushing ahead.

“Seventy-seven percent including Democrats – this isn’t a bipartisan issue — don’t want America to be paying for foreign abortions.”

Huckabee said Biden’s suspension of the  Mexico City Policy — a Reagan policy reinstated by Donald Trump that required foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to certify that they would not “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning” using funds from any source (including non-U.S. funds) as a condition of receiving U.S. government global family planning funding — does just that; paying for foreign abortions.

“He just suspended the Mexico City policy, which does that. This is not a unity president. This is not a ‘gee, let’s all come together.’

“Joe Biden is making Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan in terms of his leftist policies, and I think a lot of people that voted for him, goodness, I hope they’re as disappointed, as they need to be over this.”


American Enterprise Institute’s Marc Thiessen, who was also on MacCallum’s show, said we shouldn’t be surprised by Biden’s executive order spree, saying the president is “representing a far-left liberal Democratic Party is doing something by executive order that we as conservatives don’t like.”

If Biden goes too far, Thiessen said, he will create a backlash, “and it’s gonna come back to haunt him.”

Meanwhile, as reported by Politico on Tuesday, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) urged Biden to keep keeping on with his executive order power-binge.

As for the “obstructionist” Republicans, Clyburn said of Biden:

“Don’t try to go around them. But if they refuse to do it [work with Biden and the Democrats] he [should] use his executive powers and do it. And let them take you to court.”

Why that’s got “unity” written all over it.


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