Permanent Capitol Fencing Mercilessly Mocked Into Next Week: 'Fences Don't Work'; 'Build Bridges, Not Walls!'

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As my RedState colleague Nick Arama reported on Thursday, acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman has called for permanent fencing around the U.S. Capitol in the aftermath of the January 6 riot that left five people dead, multiple arrests, a whole lot of questions, a fierce debate — and a target-rich environment for some serious mockery.


Pittman gave several reasons she supports a permanent fence, as reported by The Blaze.

“In light of recent events, I can unequivocally say that vast improvements to the physical security infrastructure must be made to include permanent fencing, and the availability of ready, back-up forces in close proximity to the Capitol.

[Even before 9/11] “security experts argued that more needed to be done to protect the U.S. Capitol. In fact, a 2006 security assessment specifically recommended the installation of a permanent perimeter fence around the Capitol.

“I look forward to working with Congress on identifying the security improvements necessary to ensure the safety and security of the Congress and the U.S. Capitol.”

To fence or not to fence?

Given the power in D.C. these days, the “important” question is where do Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer stand on permanent fencing around our nation’s Capitol?

Pelosi being Pelosi, she told reporters during her Thursday presser that part of the Capitol security issue is “the enemy … within the House of Representatives,” as she politicized the ever-loving crap out of the question of permanent fencing.

“So we want to have a scientific approach [wait — is she confusing Capitol security with “climate change”?] to how we protect members.

“I do believe and I have said this all along we will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside.” [Um, wut?]


When pressed by reporters about what she meant, Pelosi said, “It means that we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress.” [Blatant exploitation, à la Rahm Emanuel.]

And Schumer being Schumer, his answer so far is a non-answer, as well — although he “almost” sounds like he wouldn’t mind permanent fencing all that much.

“I would tend to defer to the experts as to what is the safest way to be. We’ll see, I don’t know. There should be both safety and the right to access the building.”

The dynamic leadership of these two politically-expedient clowns is breathtaking, huh?

And Susan Rice Joe Biden? She He has not yet opined on the issue.

Among those who have opined and are opposed to permanent Capitol fencing have argued against turning the Capitol into “a fortress,” including Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA)

Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson agreed.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) “adamantly opposes” a permanent fence. “A fence didn’t fail us,” she tweeted. “Law enforcement leaders did.”


And then the hypocrisy.

Republican Rep. Rick Crawford (AR) tweeted, à la Ronald Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, “Madam Speaker, take down these fences!”

“Madam Speaker, take down these fences!”

Nicely played.

My RedState colleague Kira Davis nailed it.

“So we won’t build a wall to keep non-citizens from busting into our country illegally but we’ll build a wall around the People’s House to keep the citizens out. Got it. Got that America? You’re not welcome in your own buildings.”

Got that, Democrats? It’s called “got hypocrisy.”


Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) nailed it, as well — with a healthy dose of deserved snark: “The first wall the Democrats support.”

Former Trump official Sebastian Gorka also noted the hypocrisy: “So walls work. Just not at the border.”

And finally, my dry pal Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief of Richochet, brought down the hypocritical hammer: “Fences don’t work. Build bridges, not walls.”

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a good book to read over the weekend [sarc], check out my article, Meanwhile, ‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’ Is a REAL Book — And It’s ‘Getting Rave Reviews’ for one of The New York Times’s new faves.


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