Greg Gutfeld Takes Blowtorch to Media 'Hypocrites Who Pick and Choose Their Favorite Protesters'

Greg Gutfeld Takes Blowtorch to Media 'Hypocrites Who Pick and Choose Their Favorite Protesters'
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Fox News “The Five” host Greg Gutfeld went off on a blistering tirade against Democrats and the liberal media on Thursday over their selective outrage of the storming on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. In a word, the fired-up Gutfeld said, “That pisses me off!”

In reference to CNN and other liberal media outlets who were hyperbolic over the storming of the Capitol, yet all but donned cheerleader uniforms, grabbed their Black Lives Matter pom-poms, and took to the streets alongside “peacefully-protesting” BLM thugs and Antifa anarchists hellbent on burning America to the ground, Gutfeld argued that vandalism and violence were bad no matter who the perpetrators were, saying that conservatives are not like liberals in that they don’t pick and choose which violent mobs to condemn.

“Vandalism and looting, whether it’s in D.C. or Portland, SoHo, Kenosha, Minneapolis, Seattle – it’s all bad no matter who’s doing it. So we must remain consistent. That’s what makes us different from the rest. We don’t play favorites with mobs. The other side does, but we don’t.”

“It’s hard for me personally because I was outraged over violence every single day this summer. I saw my neighborhood trashed.

“I heard a pundit say that even Republicans are outraged by this behavior. Duh. Republicans are always outraged by bad behavior, because they consistently, consistently embrace law and order, and condemn the destruction of private and public property.

“I do believe the Capitol is a sacred place. I also believe that the guy who invested his life savings in a small business, to him, that was a sacred place, too. So it’s consistency.”

“By pointing out Republicans, or non-liberals like me, who are equally outraged by this behavior,” Gutfeld said, “what you’re doing is you’re pointing out also the inconsistency, right? The lack of Democrats who weren’t doing this when our cities were in flame. That pisses me off!” Me too, Greg, me too.

“Americans do not need lectures from hypocrites in hair and makeup who pick and choose their favorite protesters,” Gutfeld blasted liberal media pundits. “So I’m glad Democrats are finally outraged by this disgusting behavior. Join the club! I’ve been there for a year! I do not play favorites with mobs!”

Gutfeld then took aim at Biden.

“If you want to unify this country, Joe Biden, you can’t sit there and act like the tough guy now. You’ve got to deal with a half a country that feels that they have been disenfranchised, that they’ve been disrespected, that they have been lied to by a media, they’ve been marginalized by a media, they’ve been made to feel small by a media. Their eyes are open.”

“This is a red-pilled America,” he proclaimed.

(The terms “red pill” and “blue pill” refer to a choice between revealing an unpleasant or otherwise life-changing truth, represented by the red pill, and remaining in blissful ignorance, represented by the blue pill. The terms reference the 1999 film “The Matrix.”)

Gutfeld then warned of things to come.

“Yesterday [Wednesday’s Capitol riot] was a bubble that burst, but it’s a sign of a much, much, much larger problem, and it’s going to come back in four years. It’s going to come back if you don’t deal with it, whether it is transparency in elections, voter I.D. – just being honest might be a start.”

“And stop calling these people rubes and denigrating them because they aren’t cool elites, because that’s part of this, too,” he said, as his well-said diatribe ended.

Gutfeld was particularly right as it relates to transparency in elections. Whether or not “massive election fraud” — fraud to a degree that flipped the election to Joe Biden — occurred or not, perception is more important than fact. Nearly three out of four Republicans don’t trust the 2020 election results — a higher percentage than Democrats after the 2016 election.

That distrust is not going to go away on its own — if it ever goes away. But it must be addressed, be it by an independent commission, or whatever. Nearly half of Americans distrusting elections is a recipe for disaster and to Gutfeld’s point, simply pretending it didn’t happen will only exacerbate the distrust. That cannot be allowed to continue.

As I suggested in my earlier op-ed, titled Why Are They So Afraid of Us?, the liberal media and Big Tech selectively support, condemn, attempt to ban, or embrace only things, people, and events that support their narrative. Anything that disrupts that narrative is to be ignored, dismissed, destroyed — or banned.

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