MSNBC Host, Guests Vilify Social Events: 'Nothing More American Than a Gaudy, Expensive Party That Kills People'

MSNBC Host, Guests Vilify Social Events: 'Nothing More American Than a Gaudy, Expensive Party That Kills People'
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This is another one of those stories in which I’m inclined to say upfront how amused I am by bitter left-wingers who delight in smearing anything and everything about America over which they can work themselves into a condescending hissy fit — which is a lot. 

Secondly, as I generally include, the displaced anger regularly on display by the Left says far more about the Left itself than about any of its intended targets.

Finally, and specific to this article, the quote in the headline is telling as hell.

While it alludes to COVID, the primary message is disgust with America as a society; disgust with our values, and even disgust with our morals. That is a sad commentary but a humorous commentary just the same, given who and what it’s about.

As reported by NewsBusters, the above quote came from the mouth of leftist New York Magazine writer Sarah Jones during an appearance on equally-leftist MSNBC’s equally-leftist “Andrea Mitchell Reports” with equally-leftist guest host Chris Jansing and equally-leftist MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Lipi Roy on Tuesday to discuss weddings and other large social gatherings in the age of COVID.

Did I mention that “all of the above” are leftist?

The segment focused on an article Jones wrote for Intelligencer about how she postponed her wedding, in which she also highlighted several weddings that became so-called superspreaders. Jones, being the philanthropically-minded [sarc] person she is, told Jansing she wrote the article to try to figure out why people would hold a large social gathering during the COVID pandemic. You know, just good information to have on hand — for the good of mankind. Or something.

“I think we have to dig a little deeper than that and ask why are people doing this, what’s the motivation. I think generally there are incentives for people to be selfish. We have people in power who are encouraging people to be selfish, who are promoting reckless reopening policies.”

Hmmm. [Thinking emoji] I wonder if Ms. Jones had anyone in mind who she believes is “encouraging people to be selfish”?

Jones explained — in her “humble” opinion, of course — that it isn’t just the pandemic making people “selfish.” As she sees it, that’s just pretty much who we are as Americans. “And I think historically we do live in a culture that has encouraged people to sort of push the costs of their actions onto other people.”

Jansing being Jansing, she not only accepted Jones’s “theory” — she ran with it.

“Yeah, and you point out, I’m going to read part of your article, ‘Call the weddings stupid or selfish if you want, I can’t argue with either characterization. But they aren’t aberrant. There’s nothing more American than a gaudy, expensive party that kills people.

“The very stories America tells about itself encourages all of us to be selfish, to shift the cost of our actions onto others.’

So, I mean, is this in many ways, do you think, Sarah, just sort of a commentary on America in general and not necessarily just this pandemic?

The disgust of the Left, as is the case with all of its abhorrent traits, knows no bounds.

At one point Jansing asked Roy for her advice on the future. [Rollling-eyes emoji] “What would you say to people about planning for the future right now?”

Shockingly, Roy slobbered all over Jones and her article, as well.

“One of the lines in Sarah’s article that really resonated with me as a physician, was, you know, ‘we’re inconvenienced, disappointed, even a little depressed, but we can reschedule a wedding. We can’t resurrect anyone who dies because we decided to throw a plague party.'”

“A plague party”?  Is that a medical term?

“Take two of these when you wake up in the morning, drink plenty of water, and by all means, avoid plague parties.” Yeah, I don’t think so.

If there is one thing above all else that the Left cherishes, it’s control.

We as a country — including the Left — have learned perhaps more than we realize during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some good, some bad. One of the things the Left has learned, to its delight, is that it can, if it plays its cards right (it thinks), control tens of millions of Americans, with a simple edict from Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Kate Brown. et al. — or any other draconian Democrat hellbent on controlling his or her “subjects.”

We must not let them succeed, folks. “Plague” weddings and the such, be damned.

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