Not Crazy at All: CBS Pretty Sure Too Many 'Thank You' Emails Contribute to... Wait for It... 'Global Warming' — Watch

(S.A. Sonsthagen/U.S. Geological Survey via AP, File)

In this episode of “Sometimes, It’s Hard to Be a Liberal”…

We learn from “CBS This Morning” correspondent Mark Phillips that sometimes when liberals get what they want in one area, there are unintended consequences in other areas that turn their little liberal smiley faces into little liberal frowny faces. And lo and behold, much to their disillusioned chagrin, COVID lockdowns have been one such example.


As reported by NewsBusters, Phillips devoted an entire report to fretting aloud that emailing and other computer usage — particularly, home computer usage due to COVID shutdowns — as well as other ways people consume energy at home, is actually counteracting the environmental “silver lining” in which liberals have tried to take comfort during the pandemic, as fewer people drive to work.

Every e-mail and text, especially the unnecessary little ones — every “thank you” and “got it,” — every time we hit send or download or stream or Zoom, they all require power,” Phillips explains. “Then, if it gets read, it sucks up even more power. An e-mail may use just five percent of the power needed to deliver a paper letter, but we send and receive gazillions of them.”

Can’t make it up; don’t have to.

Crestfallen fill-in co-host Jericka Duncan, no doubt absolutely clueless about anything she was reading, set up the prerecorded report by lamenting that the U.N. estimates the drop in carbon emissions in 2020  due to less travel — is not enough to impact global warming.

Oh, the humanity!

Uh-huh. Try to control your shock and amazement. Remember, we (Planet Earth) are at the cataclysmic doorstep of the existential threat to not only mankind and the planet — but no doubt to the very existence of the Universe as we know it; if not the end of time itself.


Here’s Jericka.

“When people all over the world don’t go to the office, there are fewer cars on the road.

“That’s good for stopping air pocket pollution, but a recent U.N. report found an unexpected seven percent drop in emissions this year will have an insignificant effect on the overall global warming trend.

“Mark Phillips shows how working from home can actually impact the planet more than you may realize.”

Cue Phillips — and his build-up to faux hysteria.

“For a lot of us in these COVID times, the morning commute has developed into its own routine, fighting all that traffic down the hallway and into the home office. But if there’s one consolation to this new way of life, it’s the feeling that, however solitary, it may be better for the planet.

“We are, after all, producing a whole lot less of the global warming greenhouse gases that we used to by spewing our way to work in our cars and then spending our days in power-hungry offices.

“Well, hold the smugness.

“Working from home is not cost-free, and the more of us who do it, the more environmentally expensive it becomes. Every e-mail and text, especially the unnecessary little ones — every ‘thank you and ‘got it,’ — every time we hit send or download or stream or Zoom, they all require power.

“Somewhere massive banks of computers are storing and processing that data, sucking up enormous amounts of electrical energy to do it. The cloud doesn’t so much have a silver lining as a carbon one.”


Let’s fix that last sentence for Phillips, shall we? “In front of every single lining is a cloud; even if we have to make up that cloud.” There, that’s better.

In closing, here are  a few thoughts to ponder:

“Remember when we used to talk about global warming? Before it became Climate Change’ and then the ‘Climate Emergency’, prior to becoming ‘the Green New Deal’ and ‘Net Zero Policy.’ Funny how ecological arguments become financial arguments don’t you think?”

Truer words have never been spoken about so-called “global warming” and its continually-morphing name, nor about the climate alarmists who preach their sermon of the coming armageddon to all who will listen to them.

Make no mistake. As is the case with most massive left-wing schemes, the “climate crisis” first and foremost is about wealth redistribution — massive wealth redistribution. From the grand scheme of the Paris Agreement to the halls of the corrupt as hell United Nations, that is all it has ever been about — with “guess who?” holding the bag.




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